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Mehdi Singer

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since May 10, 2011
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Recent posts by Mehdi Singer

Based on this blog entry I'm trying to display a Google Chart inside a Primefaces dialog box.

My xhtml file:

My backing bean:

My chart renderer:

With above code, when I press my button the dialog box shows up but is empty. The method `buildHistory` is called before the renderer but my chartModel is empty i.e. if I look at the source code, no row has been added to my chart. But in this particular case an empty chart should be displayed anyway.

If I add `ajax="false"` to my button, the dialog box doesn't show up at all but my chartModel is populated i.e. in the source code I see the code of my chart and if I copy paste the code of the chart into an HTML file it works...

Note also that if I don't put the chart inside the dialog box I get the expected result:

Am I missing something? Can someone give me a hint?

I'm running Glassfish 3.1.1, JSF 2.1, Primefaces 3.4, Mojarra 2.1.6

Thanks for your help !
8 years ago

I'm quite new to EJB's and I'd like to have a precision regarding stateful and singleton beans. Consider following code:

Can I consider that my list beans will ALWAYS contain different instances of BeanB? Or is my singleton BeanA considered as a single client and then will fill my array with 5 identical instances of BeanA? I've tested and it seems to me that the instances are different but I'd like to make sure that it will always be the case...

Thanks for your help !

This is my mistake. I was checking for an older version of poi inside my classpath but there was an (let's say) hidden version of poi in my META-INF/lib folder...

Executing the following code showed me the problem :

Shame on me

Thanks !
9 years ago

I'm developping an application using poi-3.7-20101029 to simply read an XLS file. Here's the code snippet:

When I execute this code I'm getting the following error :

I don't see how I can get a class cast exception as I'm obviously using the correct types... I've already checked that I don't have different version of poi in my project, I've cleaned my project, restarted my AS but no success :-(
Does anyone has any idea about what could be causing this issue?

I'm using IBM WSAD as an IDE with Java 5.0, deploying the app on WAS 6.1

Many thanks !
9 years ago