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Recent posts by Inayaili Leon

Hi Leroy,

The book doesn't cover ideas on how to drive traffic to your website. There are considerations that affect not only SEO but accessiblity and best practises that are talked about throughout the entire book, as this is important if you are dealing with large websites with business needs and that need to cater for a large audience. It assumes that you either have a website that is aimed at high traffic, plan on having one, or would like to prepare your website for that possibility in terms of CSS.

Hope this helps to clarify your question.

Hi Augusto,

Not really, there are a few brief mentions of using existing CMS's and possible solutions for common problems, but not in-depth about specific ones. Maybe for Edition 2 ;)

Hi Paul,

We cover 960gs, Blueprint and YUI, their strengths and weaknesses, but mainly what you can take from them when creating your own internal framework if you need a more customised approach.

Hope this clarifies your questions.


The book is definitely not targetted at absolute beginners, but I would say that if you are past this level, there is a lot that you can learn from it — especially if you don't have experience working on larger projects. Maybe in the future this is the kind of project you'd like to be prepared to work on?

When working on smaller projects, there are a lot of things we can do that we can't when working on larger ones. There are a lot more visitors at stake, more bandwidth costs, etc. Even if you don't apply everything we mention on the book, some of the tips on how to write CSS more effectively can still be applied to smaller sites.

Hi Hendy,

To answer your questions:

1. The simple answer is no. There are several other books that deal with the subject of creating a website from scratch. I'd be happy to recommend you a couple of them if you want to. This book assumes a knowledge of how to do this already.

2. In this case, yes. We discuss developing for an audience that may be using any kind of browser, and there is an entire chapter dedicated to accessibility in particular. Both of these subjects are mentioned throughout the book though, as they are something that a CSS author should always be taking into consideration.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mark,

Absolutely. We mention considerations that should be taken into account when developing for websites with a wide audience (which usually means a wide range of browsers, old and new), also tips on the most frequent quirks of older browsers, ideas on how to separate and dynamically create style sheets for these browsers, how to target them, using graded browser support methodologies, etc. It's a subject that is referred to throughout the book.