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Mah pish

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since May 12, 2011
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Recent posts by Mah pish

Thanks Matthew, It works fine now
10 years ago
So what should be changed in the loop?

Matthew Brown wrote:The first one matches fine - on line 38. But you then throw the match away. It's only the second and subsequent matches that are being output in the while loop.

10 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Sorry , i'd forgotten some parts of the html code

Mah pish wrote:and the string testing would be something like this:

That isn't what I would expect as the result of

Not unless the method is really badly named, that is. I suggest you look at that a little more carefully. I know nothing about this StringUtils class but it's possible that the result of that substringBetween call is

and not

as you seem to be assuming.

10 years ago
Thanks Hunter, This is the code:

and the string testing would be something like this:

the code return:

it skips the first one which is :

10 years ago
hi Guy,
I have a code that reads a text file and searches for certain words with certain patterns and returns them. It works fine. The only problem is that it doesnt return the first word, Although all the words have the same pattern. this is the while code:

Any help would be appreciated.
10 years ago
Thanks for the replies, But i still cant work it out. I gave up the other method, Now i am trying to find the word that comes between the other words (test1 and test 5). any help?
10 years ago
Hi guys,

I am writing a code that would take a string which has blank lines between sentences. i need to find a certain word and print out all the next words following it till it reaches a blank line. for instance: test1 as the input in the following string:



test2 test3


and returning: test2 test3

My code: ( text is the string )

any help would be appreciated
10 years ago