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Recent posts by Pandhari Shetkar

I agree with Will Myers on all three points. I did the same in my assignment
Can some one tell me how long does it take to get the certification success kit. Its been one month now I received my result but did not receive my certification success kit
Thanks all. Hi Sankha sorry for the late response, My assignment was a Dreamcar, I uploaded my assignment on 14 June 2011 and I got my result on 6 Oct 2011
6 years ago
I would like to share this good news with you all. Today I got certified from Oracle Corporation as a JAVA ARCHITECT (Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect)
Thank you every one. This forum was a great help for me.
6 years ago
JAVA 7 launching on 7/7/2011

I just cleared my part 1 last week and i am planning to submit my assignment by end of june, my question is if they are not able to grade my assignment by 31st july, then i will not be able to answer my part 3 ? and in that case i will have to attend the training ?
Thanks Michael.
I just asked becuase in one of my Use case it says representative inputs a part category and quantity
Why should he enter it manualy when there is a state of the art Inventory System which provides the webservice which can be called to get this input

Your thought on this
Hi I am working on PART 2 assignment
With respect to Deleverable -- it says Create either a Sequence or Collaboration diagram for each use case provided
I would like to know whether I am allowed to add new Use Cases or Modify existing Use Cases

Thank you
I cleared my SCEA 5 Part I with 76% score on 28th May 2011. Actually I have made a tough call. Just a month back I came to know that Oracle has made the training course mandatory to get SCEA certification. I thought lets give a try and see if I can make it by 31st of July 2011. So far I am successful in clearing part 1, it took me one month to prepare for this exam. Now I am worried about Part II, I am not able to download the assignment yet. They say it will be available from first of june, Lets see...I am trying my best