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Recent posts by Usman Ibrahim

Congrats for both of you.
10 years ago
Congrats mate. I am also able to see my score which is 151 (95%). Very satisfied with my results after some hard work and waiting...
10 years ago
check whether you can see your certification in oracle's certview page. If you could able to see there and can able to publish it to yourself (in your personal mail) then I think you can use your certification.
Hi Muhannad,

Welcome to JavaRanch. Sorry about your fail status. the following thread is also related to this.

1. Write a mail to oracle and meantime start working on improving your solution.

2. I think for better score and safer side, you could address all the points provided by the examiner.

3. By Gods grace you will clear if you rectify your solution. Candidates who had taken exam before August 27th get 30 days grace period and submit their assignment. If they didn't succeed the second time, they can resubmit but even if you pass, the certification will be awarded only if mandatory training is taken.
I am not sure. The following link gives the way to upload an assignment but yours is re-appearing for essay exam. You have to wait for oracle to come back to you. Moreover in the link I have provided, it says "Duration: 30 days from notification that first submission was failed. Resubmission will not be accepted more than 30 days after notification of failed status." Hence I think you may have to really wait for the notification from Oracle. Again, this is my suggestion but someone in this forum may have some more ideas.
If I am you, I would start preparing on the essay exam and wait for couple of more days until I receive a confirmation mail from Oracle. I think the grace time of one month (If you have submitted before 27th Aug) will start only after you receive the official mail.

I strongly beleive that there is no fixed algorithm in grading (LIFO..FIFO). This is purely a lottery scheme. My essay exam was on 25th July and I received the results two weeks back.
If you guys mean "transition voucher" as assignment purchased through Prometric and uploaded the assignment through Pearson after requesting a voucher from Oracle, then your assumptions may be wrong. Because, I purchased the assignment in mid of May from Prometric and uploaded the assignment in Pearson on 20th of July after requesting voucher from Oracle. I got the results two weeks back. My assignment was Bigsmokes.
10 years ago
Congrats. You can consider you have cleared. to confirm, check in the certview page of oracle.

Many Thanks to Usman Ibrahim!!! for sharing the information that Score Report displays the score information. See his update with timestamp as 7:09:32 AM on Oct 5th.

You are welcome. This is what is the forum is all about. Sharing the knowledge and experience, so that everybody benefits. Congrats. All the very Best. Vazhthukkal.

Just now, I checked in PearsonVue website. Status shows as Taken for both Assignment(1Z0-848) and Essay(1Z0-866).
However, when I click on the View Score Report link, which appears against Assignment(1Z0-848), it shows the Result as "Pass" with score as 138. However I am yet to get the official email from Oracle.
Is this can be considered as Pass?

Hi Ganesh,

Check from Oracle. If you have your certification listed in the certification tab, then you are cleared. The mail from Oracle would be mere a formality.
All the Best.
10 years ago