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Andrew Brother

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Recent posts by Andrew Brother

lol...i am blind with my glasses on.... thank you very much, Paul Clapham! thread can be closed!
9 years ago
Hello experts... I have an issue here with a program that is meant to export the directory tree (with all files and folders name) to an .xml doc. The problem is that it doesn`t export to xml file the files name, only the directories name. The weird fact is that the same code on another pc is working fine.... or I am missing something?...Here is the code:

Please help me.. Thank you!
9 years ago`s true.. I changed the permission to the tomcat home...etc... cause user root had rights and I deployed with another user. Now on my tomcat folders have permission, for example: myuser(the user):tomcat6(the group).
What I noticed is that when an error occurred and it`s written out to catalina.out the catalina.out permissions change to tomcat6(the user):tomcat6(the group) . What to do to stop doing that?

In my tomcat-users.xml I put the following:

It is ok? or how should i do?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10
10 years ago
oh...i see..thank you! but.. no one knows how I can overtake this problem? well.. to explain better, in Catalina.out I have an error that sounds like this:

it appears when i try to register the web service with axis like:

and because that server-config.wsdd is not created, after server restart my web service is lost and i need to redeploy it...
please help...
10 years ago
well.. it looks like [person] answered my post...but..why i can`t see the reply?
10 years ago
Hello experts! here is an old topic...and i am into the same problem...

auto redeploy web service after tomcat restart

Can someone please tell me how to change the permission of my web services application? I am newbie in web if you can please help me.

Thank You!
10 years ago