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Recent posts by Loukas Andreadelis

At last, I can move on to the 2nd part of certification, thanks to Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selloff.

S G Ganesh wrote:It went into production today.

And it seems to be very challenging as opposed to part 1 (OCA).
According to Oracle, the approximate expected production exam release date for "1Z1-809
Java SE 8 Programmer II" beta exam has been 10 weeks from beta close date, which works out the end of August '15. You may find more here.

Moreover, Oracle has now provided the exam topics here, under Exam Topics.
Hi everybody!

I passed 1Z0-808 OCAJP SE 8 today LocalDate.of(2015, 07, 30) with score 87%.
My preparation time was Period.ofDays(21).
My goal was to pass the exam with a score over 80% and fortunately I achieved it.

I studied OCA: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff. It took me 14 days to get through and then I also studied Enthware mock exams for about a week. Leitner mode was very helpful in my case.

It's considered a short period to get prepared for a certification but I studied long hours every day and I also relied on my existing experience as a OCPJP 6.
I decided to walk again the path of a new OCPJP candidate, and not take the upgrade, just to refresh my knowledge of Java fundamentals cause IDE has been my best friend in working environment for several years ;)

Good luck to you too guys!


3 years ago
I took the exam 2 weeks ago and I had been preparing using several blank pieces of paper. However, I was not allowed to use such paper during the exam. After that, I required that they contact Oracle for confirmation otherwise I denied taking the exam. The administrator indeed contacted Pearson Vue and confirmed that I could only use a dry paper they provided. They also said that even that dry paper could have been not allowed. I was afraid that I would deal with difficulties with just a piece of dry paper because I was not prepared for it.
Eventually, I hardly used half of it's first side! The complexity of real exam was far less than mock exams and the total exam time very valuable to write down every simple thought.
To sum up, I suggest that you don't worry about it. It's just enough for the real exam and of course I passed.
Can someone please let me know whether official certification is sent after OCPJP exam to our registered with Pearson Vue address or any further action is needed from our side before delivery?

Achilleas Achix wrote:

Loukas Andreadelis wrote:I live in Greece and through prometric the final value of the voucher had been 238 EUR.
Now, Pearson website charges 238 EUR + VAT which sums up to 292 EUR !!

This is too high for an exam.

283 euros to be precise. VAT = 19%.

Where are you from? Because this is not the case for Greece.
In fact, it is 238 EUR + 23% VAT = 292,74 EUR.

Too much either way.
I live in Greece and through prometric the final value of the voucher had been 238 EUR.
Now, Pearson website charges 238 EUR + VAT which sums up to 292 EUR !!

This is too high for an exam.