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Recent posts by Ritesh. Srivastava

This is Ritesh from Sapient Nitro.

Sapient nitro is actively searching for Senior Associate Technology- Java for Delhi NCR,Banglore location.

Experience: 4 to 8 Years of experience

Strong Java- J2EE background along with knowledge of Java 5 & 6, Java EE, Servlets, JSP, Tag Libraries, EJB , Spring, Hibernate, Struts

· Must have hands on experience in Java, Java EE, Servlets, JSP, Tag libraries, and Spring

· Understanding of IDE such as Eclipse

· Understanding of Enterprise Java frameworks such as EJB will be an advantage

· Mastery of all core web technologies including XML, XHTML, client/server-side scripting languages such as JavaScript, and JSP, and web services development using Restful implementations

· Deep understanding of and hands-on development experience with design skills about UML, object oriented programing and design patterns

· Ability to abstract detail into larger (repeatable) patterns, familiarity with user-centered analysis and evaluation techniques

· Understanding of the project life cycle process to effectively be able to manage a sub-team through the complexities of the business solution

· Experience on e-commerce applications using either standard packages or custom applications.

· Proven leadership and managerial skills to independently manage a track of work with 4 - 7 people, during multiple phases of the project lifecycle

When you have a moment, please follow up with your availability for a brief call this week or next. I will circle back via email to confirm and will look forward to speaking with you. You can share a copy of your resume @ rsrivastava9@sapient.com

Best Regards
Ritesh Srivastava
6 years ago
hey Bert,
Thanks For Sharing us so precious information as this is helpful fro those who wanna prepare fro OCJP exam.