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Recent posts by Bear Bibeault

Use the browser dev tools to set breakpoints and see where the code is doing something differently than what you expect.

P.S. Processing in a JSP is frowned upon -- if the page need pre-processing that should occur in a servlet.
Just remember, Brush Script compiles fastest.
6 days ago
I used it to read a book during a free trial. Wasn't impressed enough to continue.

I like PDFs as well.

I also love Kindle books for fiction, but for technical books PDFs rule.
6 days ago
Ever want to hire your own JavaScript Ninja or Full-stack Web developer?

I am a skilled full-stack web applications developer with extensive experience developing complex solutions from inception to deployment, often in Agile environments. As a recognized JavaScript expert with several books published on the topic, I am well-versed in the full development life-cycle with equal expertise in front and back end development. I use big picture, strategic thinking to develop long-term, lasting solutions, with special emphasis on clean code, and leverage this experience to mentor junior developers to help them develop these skills.

Co-author of: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja (2 editions), jQuery in Action (3 editions), Ajax in Practice, Prototype and Scriptaculous in Action.

Read my LinkedIn profile.

See and download my professional resume.

Play a game of BlackBox!
1 week ago
I'd ask myself questions that only I would know the answer to. Such as "Where were you for your first kiss?", or "Where were you at when you saw (redacted friend's name) for the last time?"

I also have "rules" for how to form the answer so things like punctuation and capitalization don't trip me up.

1 week ago

Paul Clapham wrote:Although... people haven't been writing JSP in that way for well over a decade now

Since 2002, in fact.
1 week ago
P.S. Similarly, I write out one check a year. To the IRS.
1 week ago
That all said, I cannot remember the last time I used cash. Between credit and debit cards, and ApplePay on my phone and watch, the same $40 has been sitting in my wallet for months and months.
1 week ago
Please indent your code properly when posting, thanks.

For information on how to properly structure Java web applications see this article.
1 week ago

sinatra roger wrote:Yup I do know the basics of javascript. But I was thinking that maybe Node.js is more complicated to learn compared to PHP and there would be more similar such applications written in PHP/MySQL compared to Node which might be more helpful. Please share your thoughts about that.

I'd say learning a whole new language and ecosystem is more difficult than just learning a new ecosystem.

Also, can you please help me find answers to the other questions I posted? Is a multi-user website where each user gets his own personal page when logged in difficult to implement?

Most web apps are multi-user web apps so support and frameworks are geared for this. That said, security is never easy. Be sure not to try and roll your own.

Is that easily done using Node.js?

It's really not something that's language or framework specific. If you were going to approach it using just JS (personally, I'd use Java on the server, but I already know Java and its ecosystem well) I'd advise using NodeJS and Express to set up a RESTful API, and use React/Redux on the client for the presentation.

If you want to learn PHP, that's fine too.
1 week ago

sinatra roger wrote:The reason why I came to this conclusion is that there are many articles that seem to suggest that PHP is comparatively easier to learn compared to other languages (ruby, python etc.).

If you are concerned about a new language, why not consider JavaScript for front end and back end (with NodeJS), as you already know it, rather than learning a new language?
1 week ago
Any further info available in the logs (usually catalina.out)?
1 week ago

Sh Ya wrote:I need to store each option selected by user and transfer it to a JSP page.

You would submit the form to a servlet that performs whatever tasks are needed to process the data, then redirect to the servlet that prepares the JSP page for display. If the answers are stored in a DB, this servlet would fetch them. Otherwise, you might put them into the session.

You can find lots of information on how (and how not) to structure Java web applications in this article.
1 week ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:Oh, and btw, if I am visiting a store by chance, I will be certain to buy some or the other useless crap 

Like when I went to the grocery store the other day with a 2-item list and walked out with 5 bags of stuff?

Granted, it wasn't useless crap, but yeah, I always get more than intended.
2 weeks ago

Paul Anilprem wrote:Ideally, I should be able to tell my phone, "remind me to get screws" or "withdraw cash from atm" and then if anytime in the future I am near any h/w store/atm, it should remind me to get the screws/withdraw cash.

Ummm, yeah. As I've already posted. (Although you need a specific location, not "any" location.)
2 weeks ago