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Bear Bibeault

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Recent posts by Bear Bibeault

Welcome to the Ranch

Please debug using the list shown in the ServletsFaq.
1 day ago
Abhijeet Brahmchari,
Your post was moved to a new topic.
(This informational message will self destruct in two days)
1 day ago
Yes. Generally shoes off inside the house.
3 days ago
What debugging have you already done?

Have you verified that the if statement at line 1 is triggering?

Have you verified that a value for the "prontuario" request parameter is being returned? The name "prontuario" does not appear in your HTML examples. So what is it?

Have you verified that the histConsulta list has more than zero entries?

And so on...
5 days ago
When you say "Java class file" what is it you are talking about? The .java file, or the .class file?
1 week ago
The JSP source is, er, uninteresting unrevealing. Inspect the option elements in the browser Dev Tools to see what actually ended up as the options' values.
You know we need to see the code for your dropdown to help... (Bear gives his best Dad look)

priyanshi bhardwaj wrote: I am not getting how to implement that explanation in javascript

Do you understand the explanation? Are the steps to achieve the algorithm clear?

Again, write out, in your own words, how to solve the problem. Until you have that, any attempt to write code to implement an algorithm that is not understood will be futile.
My advice would be to step away from the code for a minute and write, in English, the list of steps to take to accomplish this. Then, and only then, write code to implement it.
You have a return statement, but no function signature. Please repost the code such that it shows the complete function.
jst.jar? jst is not jstl. Did you grab the wrong jar file?
3 weeks ago
db.getCon() is returning null.
3 weeks ago
And, having both POST and GET do the same thing is real anti-pattern. Don't do that.
3 weeks ago
It's best if you posted the code exactly as it so that the stack trace lines up.

If you meant that line 23 is the problem line, then con must be null.
3 weeks ago