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Forgot to mention. I’m sure the rename is working because (debugging) and if user removes the highest address no problem. Works as expected, it’s when user removes a lower incremented text box. Using my example in previous post, if they remove newpAddress1 , then it gets removed but as everything gets renamed it loops thru and wants to delete the renamed “newpAddress1” until there are no more newpAddress1
Thanks for your patience. The initial form as Account Text box and one address Text box, when user puts focus on 1st address box. I add plus sign so that they can add more addresses. Up to 4 more. If they click and add 4 more textboxes I now added IDs with newpAddress0 (original), then newpAddress1 , newpAddress2 and so on. Each of the 4 textboxes can be removed by clicking on cancelXid. I want to rename the IDs so that they will stay in sequence and the other code will know what to act upon (i.e. If they delete newpAddress1, I want to rename ids so there’s no gap, so newpAddress4 is now newpAddress3). Hope this more clearer
I have a form that has mutiple input boxes that are displayed as line items. Each line item has an id that has a index at the end because the number of line items depends on the account. Each Line item has a "X" cancel image next to the input box if the use made a mistake and doesnt what to enter that line item. When the user clicks image I do a remove of that line item that works as expected. But right after the remove I try to rename the ids index and at that point all the line items are removed. I know this beause the code works with out the rename. All input elements have the class name newpAddress , which I use to rename the id. Any suggestions ?
I'm doing insert into database and I define the result set as integer and set it to zero before I call method to execute the SQL. If I have a result set thats a string I check to see if its NOT null. But how do you check when you return an integer. I know this is very simple but my brain is blocking it. I've serached the internet but I'm confused with some of the answers.
Executing a simple select on a DB2 Mainframe DB table. Displaying the following on the SQLException ( which I know is a not found - sqlcode = +100 ) ==> | e.getMessage = [jcc][t4][10120][10898][3.62.56] Invalid operation: result set is closed. ERRORCODE=-4470, SQLSTATE=null | In Cobol , if we cared we would simply do IF +100 Do something. I'm sure it’s obvious but I just can’t find a simple answer on the internet. My background is mainframe so please forgive my stupidity. What do I have to ask SQLEXCFPTION to bring back the SQLCODE , so I can integrate it ?
I didn't like the HTML blob idea either, but I searched the internet for an example of adding elements and that was one of the more popular examples. Can you give me a better idea, point me to a site or book?
I've read the Head First JQuery book all the way thru, but some things I'm trying to do. Are un-ordinary?
I have a table that is built from a database, so its size is always variable depending on the account being requested. Once the page is rendered I use JQuery to add additional rows when the user clicks on a button. I want to use an index at the end of the ID and Name element, so that I can identify what row is being manipulated later in some other JQuery Logic and in the backend when a JAVA Servlet gets the parameter names. (I.e. id="requestedInput" + rowCount = requestedInput1 or requestedInput2 etc. )
I’ve tried the below and a few other failed attempts, any wisdom?
Since its data I'm bring back from a database - Only 4 Columns. I'm going to be using a table since I've done it before and it's the quickest solution for me. Thanks I'm learning so I appreciate the input
I tried a couple things but I thought ==> min-width: 20.0em; would work. But Didn’t. I tried not using Table because I thought there kind of frowned upon in this new age. I've done some web development off and on for a couple years but I'm an old mainframe guy.
I'm using an unordered list with 3 li elements. The 1st li is being populated from a database (using jsp) which can be 10 digit minimum and 23 max. The next two li's are fixed values. I'd like to make the 1st li a fixed width so that depending on the value it doesn’t make the others move left. This unordered list is horizontal and can have variable rows depending on the request. I'm trying to accomplish a tabular layout without using a Table. Thanks for any help
I currently have an onload event placed at the body tag. This onload event may or may not create elements depending on which page it was linked from. I have been trying to add an alert box that will popup when the page is displayed, but this alert box is displayed on top of the page that is doing the link. Once I click ok the LINKED page is displayed. I know you can add onload to an image, but can I add an onload to a function? Or what is solution?
Thank You
I want to calculate exactly how long a JSP page takes to load. How Can I accomplish this ? I'm assuming get timestamp using javascript onLoad , when the page finishes loading ? And where can I get the time for when the page starts to load ?
5 years ago
Use Tables ? I was trying to stay away from them becasue some HTML books say its old school. Any other suggestions ? Thanks
I have a JSP that's rendering Data from an Array that gets built from data from a DB. Each record in the array is displayed on a separate line with an empty line between it. The line with data is a shade of blue and the line without data is grey. Each Line contains 11 columns but the data in each column can and does vary in length , When I don't use any CSS each column displays next to each other correctly along with the correct "shade of blue" But Once I add the CSS "position: absolute;" The columns line up nicely but the background color disappears. If I remove the absolute position to the column farthest to the right, this columns data overlaps the 1st but the other 10 columns line up correctly and the background color is also correct. I have attached a little of the code. Any ideas is appreciated. Thanks
imageCount is the last column on the right side of screen