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Recent posts by kaleeswaran Gounder

I found the answer, The mistake is on the below line of Payment POJO.

@GenericGenerator(name = "generator", strategy = "foreign", parameters = @Parameter(name = "property", value = "tickets"))

Here I specified like value = "tickets" which is invalid in this mapping. I have to specify like value = "ticket". This fixed it.
I am having an object called Customer, It will have a relationship with address object (one-to-one relation) and Tickets object (one-to-many relation). [Each customer can have many tickets]. And Each ticket will have a payment object (One-to-one relation). I specified the relation in hibernate annotation.

I am getting the below error when executing the test,

My Application code is

My objects, Customer :

Address :

Tickets :

Payment :

Hibernate Configuration is :

Where am i wrong in this code ?
I am also having same problem....Help me..

7 years ago
I am new to struts2... I designed a page in plain html.. now i have use this html page in struts2 project.. how can i convert html field elements to Struts2 ui tags ??? My html page looks like:
<td class="style4">**Customer Name***</td>
<td><input type="text" name="Scr_Inq_CName" class="body-fieldsTextFields" id="Scr_Inq_CName_id" tabindex="4" onkeypress="return CommonKeyPressIsAlpha(event);"/></td>

I have assigned style(style4) to a label "Customer name" and style(body-fieldsTextFields) to text box.

When i use Struts-tag

When i see this page in firebug.
It displays text field with style(body-fieldsTextFields) applied, When i run project... But Customer name label is displayed in separate row <tr><td>Customer name</td></tr>.

And text field is displayed in below table row <tr>.

how to apply style4 to Customer name label and body-fieldsTextFields style to all textfields and also how can i make both label and text field to be displayed in same row ???

7 years ago