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Adam Zedan

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Recent posts by Adam Zedan

Okay i did a little experimentation and i came up with the following. If i place the file directly in the webcontent folder using windows explorer it doesnt work.
But if i copy the file and goto the Javascript Resources section of eclipse and paste it there then eclipse pastes a copy of the file in the webcontent folder itself and at the same time imports a list of all the functions in the file.
Now is there any way to just specify a path instead of pasting all the time and how would i link css files ??
Yeah its a dynamic webproject and I am using Tomcat.
The jsp file is in

I placed the javascript file called editablegrid-1.0.11.js next to result.jsp ie

and my jsp file is calling the javascrip file using

but still firefox gives me

any ideas why ??? same thing with my .css files ?? I am a bit confused about the location.. Any suggestion would be appreciated..

Hi i wanted to know which path should i place my javascript file so that my jsp could access it ??
FireFox gave me this error
[07:03:42.319] GET http://localhost:8080/Grid_Sample/editablegrid-1.0.11.js [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 2ms]
I tried placing the.js file rite next to my jsp but still i got this error ?? Any suggestions on what the path should be ??
I am using eclipse and i also run and test my jsp files through eclipse
Just solved the problem.. since we cant delete the thread i guess ill just put my soloution.. I downloaded the libraries from and put them in the lib folder of my tomcat.. And it works..
Hi i downloaded jstl classes from now i am having a little problem adding that to my project in eclipse. Any help would be apprecated. Did i download the correct thing ??
I was reading that once a jsp page becaomes a full servlet all the next incoming requests to that serlvet are run in a separate _jspService thread.
All the code in the jsp page scriptlet goes in the _jspService

I wanted to know that suppose a jsp page has a declaration tag such as <%! int i =0;%>
Now its equivalent code will be like

So the next time another request comes in for the same jsp page (Which is a servlet now) part of my code was the scriptlet and there was also a declaration tag. Now I wanted to get an idea of what really happens when the _jspService thread execute the second time does it ignore the declaration tag since it already exists ??
7 years ago
I know i could acess the members of the outer class from the inner class. The question is could i access the members of the outer class from an instance of the inner class
The code i am using is

7 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:If you use the name of a type in an abbreviated fashion (i.e. without the package part of the name) then you have to import that name. In your first example you used the name (ServletConfig) without specifying the package, so you need an import.

In all of your other examples you didn't use the names of any types, so that rule doesn't apply. In particular your imaginary rule about having to import methods is just that -- imaginary.

Oh okay thanks for clarifying this... One last question I guess this might be a bit too deep for me but just out of curiousity so when i use something like

where does eclipse look into to generate a list of available methods since the import is missing... ??
7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Basic java: if you don't have a reference to the class, you don't need an import.

I am a bit confused here ... especially since

is a method in javax.servlet.ServletConfig
and we are not importing that.
So how can that method be available and how does the intellisense display that method??
A little more insight or specific reference material would be appreciated,..
7 years ago
Recently i noticed while coding in a servlet that if i use the following statement:

I need the following import

but when i use the following statement :

I do not need the import .. Why is that ?? Isnt getServletConfig() returning a ServletConfig type and the import of ServletConfig is missing ?? Why is that working without an import.
7 years ago
being fairly new to the JSF framework , I wanted to know if there was any relation between ActionListeners and javascript ?? Since Javascript can also accomplish the same things as actionlisteners such as Checking for missing text in a textbox etc. Infact I think Javascript would be better than using actionlisteners since all the processing would be done at the client end instead of sending a call to the server.. Any comments would be appreciated...
7 years ago
Okay I have run into a little problem here.. I need to use HttpServletResponse to access and pass around cookies.
Here is the thing the front is the facelet page and it gets its entire contents from a bean (a managed bean) at the back end and this managed bean is a pojo i was looking here and it says that i have to use HttpServletResponse ?? How can i use HttpServletResponse in a pojo (bean)??? Am i missing anything ?? any help would be appreciated thanks..
7 years ago
Tried it in IE and it works
Looks like it has a problem with FrieFox
7 years ago
All i get is

But no game.. or anything..
I am using firefox 3.6.18

Could The admin please let me know if there are other requirements which i may be missing ??
7 years ago