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Alex Webs

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since Jun 13, 2011
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Project: Test
2 modules: EJB and Web
TestEJB -> New -> Interface ->

TestEJB -> New -> Class ->

WebContent -> New -> JSP -> index.jsp

TestWeb -> New -> Servlet - >

TestWeb -> Properties -> Deployment Assembly, and check TestEJB.jar

Jaikiran Pai wrote:The deployment has failed and hence you aren't able to access the application. Are you packaging EJBs in your .war file? Please provide more details on what the app contains and how it's packaged.

8 years ago
JBoss server log

8 years ago
WAR file: "TestWeb.war", but i don't understand why this file is created in this directory "E:\jboss-6.0.0\server\default\tmp\vfs\"
i'm not using file "jboss-web.xml", but i have this file.
in directory: "E:\jboss-6.0.0\server\default\deploy" i have file "Test.ear"

Jaikiran Pai wrote:Actually, Alex has a welcome page configured (index.jsp) so he shouldn't really have to use the /test url-pattern to get past that 404. My guess is that Alex is using an incorrect context for the web application.

Alex, what's the name of the war file that you are deploying? Does it have a jboss-web.xml? If not, then the context should be the name of the war file (without the .war suffix). So if you are deploying blah.war, then you should be using http://localhost:8080/blah. Note that the display-name that you use in the web.xml has no role to play, when it comes to accessing the application.

8 years ago
Hello, i want test my application with JBoss and i get error: HTTP Status 404.

my web.xml

<?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-appversion= "2.5" xmlns:xsi=""; xmlns="";

my URL: http://localhost:8080/TestWeb/

how to solve this problem ?
8 years ago