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Muchos gracias, that explains everything.

meanwhile i looked into my mail:

Effective June 1, 2011, Java, Oracle Solaris, MySQL, and NetBeans certification exams will be offered exclusively through a new test delivery partner — Pearson VUE — and will no longer be available through Prometric.

+ If you are currently following a certification path and are planning to take an exam on/after June 1: Registration will begin at Pearson VUE on May 16, 2011 for all scheduled exams on or after June 1. Visit on or after May 16 to create a new web account and get started.
+ If you are currently registered to take an exam with Prometric or planning to take an exam before June 1: You can continue to register at Prometric through May 23, 2011 (walk-in registrations will be permitted through May 31, 2011), but you must complete your exam by May 31, 2011.
+ If you currently have a Sun or Oracle exam voucher or exam retake voucher: All vouchers will still be valid through their original expiration date and will be redeemable with Pearson VUE starting on May 16, 2011


Yes, I belive 2 weeks is highly optimistic, tho its still 6 weeks till 1 Aug But thats not the problem for me, problem is, like you said this forum contains a lot of information about this exam, thing is right now in the middle of changing rules its too much information for me. I simply dont know where to start now
Hi, my first post here. I did SJCP and I want to start developer exam, I tried to read all info, but I'm still very confused. Thru all that transition Prometric-> Pearson VUE, extra ~2000 euro after 1 august, vouchers and the rest I'm in the point I dont know where to even start now. So please, could someone explain to me, what's the path now? And should I even start it now(with lets say 2 optimistic weeks to make the code) can I fit before 1 Aug with all waiting periods in between.
Thank you