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Recent posts by Gustavo Siqueira

I'm getting a ClassNotFoundException to try read object from socket. In Eclipse, I send an object that belongs the package com.messenger.client.User to the Socket. So, I build a jar file to that package.
Now, I going to Terminal Linux e run my server socket with the command javac -cp User.jar, then java Server

However, appears the following error:


After several attempts, problem was resolved. I compiled the Server with javac then java -cp User.jar Server.
10 years ago
Researching the title "Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6", I found the pdf available through from I would like if is legal or illegal.
In order to learn better regards between protocols TCP/IP and Socket, I solved make a simple web chat (desktop). I need to knows how many users are connected to socket, so I thought in store objects sockets in a ArrayList<Socket> in then return object socket for RMI. That's the better idea to that ? Other issue: How do I send the message to particular socket connected ?
Can someone me give advice ? Thank you!
Sure. We will return again. I have three class named: "Initial", "DisplayDocument" and "OpenFile"

Initial Class - That class have all functions to display a frame and menus to call another class. In other words, she extends JFrame.

DisplayDocument Class - That class is accountable for display the contents that the user opened in menu that contains in the "Initial" class, call "OpenFile".

OpenFile Class - That class implements ActionListener to listen the button "Open File" called by the user.

The issue is: I want display the contents of the file in the "DisplayDocument" class, just that.

In class "Initial" I already add the class DisplayDocuments. Therefore, when I run the program, that class already called.

Do you is with problem to understand my issue ?
11 years ago
I'm sorry. Do you can me give an example to fix it the problem ?
O code is compiling, however, is not displayed the componentes within of classe "DisplayDocument".
11 years ago
Sure: See an example:

The "Initial" class, add the "DisplayDocument" to your JFrame, once "Initial" extends JFrame. Therefore we will add:

In this same class, I have a button that will request to user to open file:

Thus, the "OpenFile" class, does all your functions to open the file required by the user:

Now, to have a good concept of OO, I though in display the file in the "DisplayDocument" class:

Thereby, I tryed created a instance from "DisplayDocument" or extends the "DisplayDocument" class to add components to it. However, not it worked!
11 years ago
In order, to a good concept of OO, I though in display contents of the class ''OpenFile" once called by the class "Initial" with "ActionListener" to open a file. Thus, "OpenFile" implements 'ActionListener' to open the file called by the class "Initial" that contains JFrame. Now, to display the contents of the file open by the user, I want display it in separate class. So, I created the class "ShowDocument" that extends JPanel to display the file open in the class "OpenFile". However, not is working creating a instance of 'ShowDocument'.

Thanks you in advance!
11 years ago
Thanks for your explanation!
I'm comprising. So, once that this algorithm is called divide-and-conquer, is a ways for to solve a given problem. Alright. But, because it is considered like worst-case in (theta of n-squared) ?
In terms of running time, this delay algorithm for run. In addition of algorithm to solve a problem, it has that run in time fast. There is a algorithm called Insertion sort, that in little lines make sorted of numbers.
For example, see the following exercise from book "Introduction to Algorithms":

We can express insertion sort as a recursive procedure as follows. In order to sort A[1..n], we recursively sort A[1..n-1] and then insert A[n] into the sorted array A[1..n-1]. Write a recurrence for the worst-case running time of this recursive version of insertion sort.

If possible, do you can me say exactly what means that such of 'worst-case' ? I really can not understand it.

11 years ago
I'm reading the book "Introduction to Algorithms". So, I caught this algorithm in this book. You no response my question: Why the method is executed three times for after to go to other method following ?
11 years ago
Hi, everyone!
I'm studying a algorithm called merge sort, in which i did in Java. But, I'm having problems to understand it.

So, when I run the program, is called the method mergeSort for to make the sorting of numbers. After , make the 'if', then is executed the method mergeSort(A, p, q); three times, and just after is executed the method mergeSort(A, q+1, r). Why that happens ?

Thanks you!
11 years ago
Yes.. The data not are being sent through from request.getParameter.
11 years ago

I'm trying develop a Newsletter with Javamail. So I thought in to use the ckeditor for the user send emails. However, I can't get values with servlet (request.getParameter("message");). The value is as blank.
How can to fix problem ?

Thanks you!
11 years ago