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since Aug 24, 2000
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Recent posts by tim.glennie

Location: Denver, CO
Salary Range: $80k-120k
Valtech is currently looking for Sr Developers to join our team.
the requirements are:
- 2 years of Java Development
- 3+ years of OO programming & Analysis & Design (UML, Use Cases, Design Patterns)
- 6 months experience with the Rational Unified Process (RUP)
We specialize in Internet Technology solutions. Mainly, we work with Java, EJB, CORBA, and UML. We have strategic partnerships with BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. All of our positions are full-time salaried positions and every employee is given stock options upon joining Valtech. We are a publicly traded company on the Noveau Marche in Paris, France. Our stock value is consistently ranked in the top 3 of all European e-commerce companies.
We have many employee perks including 3-4 weeks paid time off, top of the line Dell laptops, free snacks and drinks (including Starbuck's), excellent training programs and classes taught by top level software engineers. Classes include EJB, Java, UML, CORBA and OO A&D. Also, on our staff is top selling author, UML expert Craig Larman.
If you are interested in this position, please contact me at
tim.glennie@valtech.com or by phone at 720-529-6102.
U.S. work authorization required
No 3rd parties or agencies at this time.
Tim Glennie
Technical Recruiter
Valtech, Inc. [URL=http://www.valtech.com]www.valtech.com

Denver, CO
phone 720-529-6102
fax 720-489-5000
mobile 303-525-8050

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23 years ago