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Recent posts by Vadim Golub

Thanks Teja! I was just lucky to pass :-)

The point is - don't be lazy to check the new spec, the stuff is really there.
For those who are interested in taking the test.. I've passed it recently (just to update my profile) and was preparing it by HF book (too lazy to pay much attention to JEE tutorial, and specifications - only for some obvious topics). I hoped to get about 10-15% of new material and got about 30-50%, so I would recommend to look at the following topics in details:
1) annotations & web fragments (about 12-15 questions used it in someway!),
2) asynchronous functionality (3-4),
3) security (3-4 from new coverage),
4) UnavailableException (about 4! it might not be from new spec but it was new for me),
5) other - questions concerned new listeners like AsyncListener, new methods functionality, webapp structure update concerning new elements, etc. (up to 10).

So the new functionality is really in the test and it's quite a lot of new features though it is not so from first look..

Good luck with your test!
Hi guys. Pedro, thanks for all your tips, they are really helpful! I should have read your posts before creating a topic about SCBCD.. Anyway, one question is still very interesting for me. How much time do you think it will take to prepare for the test from scratch (I passed SCJP, SCWCD, have working experience in the field but not in EJB)? I am just wondering if up to 6 weeks will be enough..

Hi folks!

I want to take the subj test and don't know how much time to save for the preparation (I have to pre-order the exam well in advance).

My background is the following:
- only basic understanding of the technology (on the level of what EJB means),
- more than 5 years of practical experience in almost everything but EJB (so there is some understanding of EE patterns),

Will 4-6 weeks, 3-4 hours per day be enough to prepare? I am going to use 'EJB 3.0 in Action', specifications, and EE6 tutorial from the site (will it be enough for restructured test?).

If the time is inadequate, how much time do I need?

Thanks for your time!