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the second one is the recommended one.

/{userID}/ with post body
code: "XXX"
3 years ago
It's better to use POST in this case.
3 years ago
Do not use two words "application service layer" and "business service layer". It's only "Service Layer". Web Service in an implementation of Service Oriented Architecture .

In service-oriented architecture (SOA), the service layer is the third layer in a five abstraction layer model. The model consists of Object layer, Component layer, Service layer, Process layer and Enterprise layer. The service layer can be considered as a bridge between the higher and lower layers, and is characterized by a number of services that are carrying out individual business functions.

What kind of technologies we use to code - Implementation of JAX-WS or JAX-RS.
3 years ago
You can't marshall/unmarshal ArrayList (as other languages don't know ArrayList) but you can marshall/unmarshal List.
The issue is in ArrayOfWSV30Agglst class at the line :

Remove the instantiation of Arraylist(); Just declare the field as :

and also in getItem() method change to :

3 years ago
Ok, It's a bad approach, because if your requirement is to change the WSDL, after every client request, your new WSDL(with allowed operations) need to be published. Here you need to think of publishing your new WSDL, after a client request is processed. If your client is accessing the WSDL say "", then on the same address it is impossible to publish the WSDL, unless the application is re-deployed or server is re-started.
However you can use the EndPoin.publish(""), through code, but when the port is already in use, it will throw exception.

Best solution is to write separate the WSDLs based on the operations to be exposed. Then your client should get the secured WSDL's URI, only when the first call is success. That means the first web servce call response will also contains the other WSDL's URI based on the user role.
3 years ago
Ok. If you are sure that the items are coming, then it's an issue in the XML to Java binding. Which binding mechanism you have used? My suggestion is to try with the JAXB marshalling/unmarshalling to handle the payload.
3 years ago
All are RuntimeExceptions. You need to compile the cod eproperly, the overloading logic looks good, no issues.
3 years ago
JSON is not restricted, but returning large sets of data is really a bad design. get a set of records first display at client, and if more records are required make a call to server again to fetch the records.
3 years ago
Start dive into SOAP Web services world. There are 2 approaches, Code first and Contract(WSDL) first. The best practice is to develop SOAP web services using Contract first approach.
As per your question, you want to have a dynamic WSDL. What do you mean by that? Do you want to generate WSDL per every request from web service client? That's really really bad approach, because after doing every login, the WSDL need to be changed and deployed on the fly.. If you want your web service operations usable only by logged in users, try providing WS-Security.
3 years ago
use this link link
3 years ago
You are following code first approach here, this is not the right approach to write a Web service in Java. Follo the Contract first approach. You first write your contract(WSDL) with whatever types, operations, bindings you want to use.
Then trygenerate the Java code from that, using WSIMPORT tool.
3 years ago
the item value coming as null, is causing the issue. make sure the item value is set by the setter "setItem()", in debug mode.
3 years ago
There is no limit in size. Every key is an Object and every value is an Object. There will not be such limit.
In general, you will not get any issues if you use large size of text in JSON. But you may see the error, if your application is running out of memory(such as OutOfMemory error).
3 years ago
I want to write a simple java program to transfer an EDI or XML document from one machine to another machine through AS1 or AS2 or AS3 protocol. Can anyone help me to get start with it.
6 years ago
I have a JSP which is to be modified (by means of its content ) for different action using AJAX. I am very much happy in doping this using AJAX.
But the issue is that, How to get a value of a variable from a action class to my AJAX function. I want to set a value in struts action class and get back at the same time i put the response in JSP using AJAX.
( * setAttribute(),getAttribute() methods will work only while communicating jsp pages and/or servlets. Please note that the page is not going to be reloaded. i have to get the value inside javascript function..)
7 years ago