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Jhonson Fernando

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Congratulations for your OCA Java SE 7 success. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Congratulations! Good score.
Nayan Das Congratulations for your exam success. Good score.
Congratulations ! Good Score.
Congratulations Sree !
If you are really interested in Testing jobs you can read more about Selinium Java framework (for testing automation) before attending any interviews.
Congratulations Adil Waheed !
Congrats Sebastian!  87% is good score.
Congratulations Sergey. Good score.
Congratulations Charissa Thomas!
Congratulations, Murat!  Great score. Thanks for sharing your exam preparation experience.
We just informed about this issue to Coderanch and we asked to lookup IP address of each users posted success stories like this.
Yes Narayana Bojja I have seen your previous posts about duplicate content. We should report to coderanch for investigation on such duplicate or fake posts.
I can see exactly similar content from this post .
Are you same person?