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Jitendra Kumar Jain

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Recent posts by Jitendra Kumar Jain

Hi coders,

Iam using Jasper reports to show my reports. When iam using the break element it generates one blank page at the end of the page. Please help.

6 years ago
Hi coders,

Is there any way to restore the entire form information using browser's/button back in struts without calling action?

Please let me know asap..

Thanks and Regards,
6 years ago
Hi friends,

I want my bean to behave like a two way binding. But it is binding one way only. please help. following is the snippet

<s:iterator value="pm.pp" status="stat" var="currentObject">
<tr><td width='150' style='padding-top: 1%;'>

<s:textfield value="%{#currentObject.protocolParamName}" nam="currentObject[%{#stat.index}].protocolParamName" cssClass="TextBox177"/>


It is showing the values in jsp page, but when i edit those values they are not reflected in java bean that is in Action class.

Am i doing some thing wrong?

7 years ago
Hi Friends,

When iam renaming the files generated by Hibernate reverse engineering.. Eclipse is still looking for the old copy.. Many times i have configured eclipse and all its plugins.. still the build is looking for the old copy. Help me out. !!

It doesn't gives the compiler error but it is the throwing InvocationTargetException.

Please help !!

Jitendra Jain
7 years ago
Thanks Guys for your valuable inputs.

I have concluded two points after reading all the posts.

1)Either Oracle doesn't believe its own examination. I mean they are not confident on its own paper sets. That's why they want everyone to go through these classes. They think even a dumb guy with a preparation can pass this examination.

2)If they really want to make a class based preparation, then it can be a nominal amount. $5000 is very huge amount. (They have to know that even many big entrepreneurs never attended proper classes )
By making instructor led training compulsory, i think Oracle is greedy for money..

I had a experience of 5 years and why should i take the courses again.. Is practical knowledge is not enough?

Very bad Oracle !!
Does it override all the set path via -Djava.library.path?
7 years ago
Hi Guys,

I have created one project in eclipse. Now i want this application to run as a windows service .. Please help .. how can i create a windows service. Does eclipse allows any plugin to export as windows service.
7 years ago
When your AMF does the work of converting AS3 objects into Java objects and vice versa. With the help of hibernate you can also bi directional map those java objects to data models..
7 years ago

Hibernate is independent of blazeDS . Its an ORM object Relational Mapping... So this has nothing to do with Flex.. Your Java code can use hibernate as an ORM...Hope this helps..
7 years ago
Thanks for the reply..

I was given an established product that communicates with WIFI.. I have a PC with WIFI enabled.. They also have their own hardware components(connected via WIFI) that communicates and pushes the data to the NIC.. Now the NIC and WIFI enabled on the same PC. So iam not clear how they communicates and which are the ports usually being used to read/write the data that the hardware components is sending.. Let me know if still it is unclear..
Let me explain you the overall requirements.. I have one WIFI network and some hardware components that connects to these wifis.. Now these devices sends the data to NIC card and also my NIC is connected to this WIFI.. SO iam confused how the ports are allocated..? and how java is connecting to these ports...
I need to read and write data from the ethernet ports.. how can i do this?
I agree with you guys.. But the problem is that I know the WIFI is connecting the access point on my pc.. But how would i know which port it is using ? How do i listen to that port? Or is there any library in Java that helps in finding the port the ethernet is using..
Don't look at the skies.. Make skies to look at you -- Jitendra Jain
7 years ago