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Recent posts by Satish Viswanathan

I have completed part 3 on July 13th and still waiting for the results. It says status as "Taken".

Looks like Oracle must have received more than usual volume because of the new process from October.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi Zhang,

How did you get the voucher from Sun Cert? Did you had the confirmation from prometric for Part 2.

Sun Cert asked for the confirmation number from Prometric for Part 2 to provide the voucher.

I only know the date of payment from my credit card statement.

Kindly let me know what information you have given to get exchange voucher.

Thank you Mahesh for your reply. I don't know what details to provide to get the coupon and also how will I get the same assignment that I worked (using prometric) from Pearson as well.

Anyways I have contacted and got the automated reply back saying it may take 5 days to the response from them.

In the meantime, I got the email confirmation from Pearson and account is enabled.
Dear All,

I enrolled in SCEA Part2 using Prometric and completed and ready to submit the assignment. I registered in Pearson VUE using the Testing Id but yet to get the
user name and password.

Can anyone please let me know how I should submit the Part2 - whether sending by email to with the assignment submission
or wait to get the user name and password for Pearson and then upload the assignment. I don't have any voucher since I paid by credit card.
Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.