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Recent posts by Yosi Pramajaya

I'm wondering with many changes in Java concurrency since this book written (e.g. CompletableFuture and project Loom) is the book still relevant to read in 2020?
3 years ago
I see. That's why I sometimes confused about how EJB lite can be useful. Thanks for your answer, Reza.
Hi Debu,
Hi Reza,
Hi Ryan,
and Hi Michael

I'm very interested in EJB. I know it can be very useful to developing a better software.
Would you like to answer my question about this:
When is better to use EJB Lite? Since many application server is now support complete EJB full API, with fast performance (like WildFly and GlassFish). I don't see any importance of this lite version.
Or do you think it's always better to use full API?


I am preparing for the same certification despite being twice your age. Do you mind sharing your preparation plan and course?
I am interested of how you prepared for the objectives relating to JDBC, JPA, and AJAX considering these are not on O'Reily's HF Sevlets & JSPs
2nd edition and likewise other Servlets/JSP books dont cover the mentioned objectives. I realize using fully fledged books like Pro JPA 2.0 or downloading the specs
could be overkill considering the potential to cover excess than whats required for the exam. Could you share your thoughts on this ??

Thanks everyone for your kindness by congratulate me.

And, hello Bell.
I'd like to share about how I succeed in this exam. First, I read about HFSJ 2nd edition. Although it doesn't cover topics like AJAX, JDBC, and JPA.
The exam doesn't cover it too (at least, doesn't cover it too much).
I read Servlet 3.0 Specification from JCP.org. Because HFSJ 2nd edition doesn't cover Servlet 3.0.
And I think that's enough (of course, with some mock exam like Enthuware, ETC).
Because I think you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.
Hello everybody..
I'm so proud to announce that on 17 July 2012, I've passed on OCEWCD Exam.
Actually my score is only 71%, but I'm so proud with that...

I'm just 16, and I can done that... I can't even believe it..
Thanks to this forum for helping me so much...
We can specified whether c:out escapeXML=true / false.
But, if we don't specified that, what is default value? False?
Hello, I want to take an OCEWCD Java EE 6.
But, I want to ask something when I learn from a book.

Where's the exact location of a .tld files?
I've read a topic, that said it only can be located in WEB-INF directory or it's subdirectory.

But I've read here Oracle's DOCS.
That said we can include .tld in META-INF directory or it's subdirectory.

Now, what's the exact position of .tlds?
Please help me, everybody.

I want to take Web Component Certification (Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 WCD).
Is there a free practice exam to get? If there is, please tell me.

Thank you.
Use Head First Servlet and JSP Second Edition, by Kathy Sierra. It's a cool book, and you won't regret it. Even the book covers J2EE 5, still you can have the basic knowledge for J2EE 6 from it.
JavaFX Documentation is provided to teach us about JavaFX 2.0 from the beginning.. I'm sure if you read that precisely than you can be a JavaFX Expert. I'm now learning it too..

And If you want to learn JavaFX 2.0, never touch JavaFX script, or you'll be confused. JavaFX 2.0 is easier for JavaSE Programmer than JavaFX script.
I'm just giving some advise.
12 years ago
If you're comfortable with Class-Style JavaSE Programming, then you should choose JavaFX 2.0. If you're more comfy with script language like scala, JRuby, or anything else, you should choose JavaFX script. Because, I don't know if JavaFX 1 will be developed anymore.
12 years ago
Wow... I didn't know that...
Very interesting,, Thanks for that information. Even though I'm not the youngest, I'll still keep trying to do my best in learning Java

Thanks guys..
12 years ago
Thanks a lot guys... You too, should keep up the good work.

12 years ago
I'm still not sure though, about it.. But, I'm asking 2 of 3 Oracle's certification providers in my country. They said that no one was take OCP certification in my country in my age.
I'm 15 years old. Live in Indonesia.
12 years ago
Thank you, guys..

I'm on the way to Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 JSP and Servlet Development. Hope I can pass it.
12 years ago