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I think your friend is right and wrong at the same time. With CMS he probably means Content Management Systems that are applications to build web sites in common way. CMS is most likely built on top of some underlaying framework such Spring/JSP etc.

So they are a different thing.

CMS-applications have the advantage that they contain a lot of ready-made stuff to help creating web sites without much technical knowledge. However, CMS can do only so much and if some custom things are needed it may not support them. In many cases I have seen, organizations public web sites are built on top of some CMS and their intranets or whatever applications are then built in custom way.

But in your case it depends what the goals of the website are.

I'm developing an open source component based web application framework called Context ( and currently it is at version 0.8.2. It is licenced under Apache Licence.

I'm in process of creating community around it and I would really appreciate, if you could try it and give opinions and comments. I'm personally really exited about it, because it has already proven to be an excellent web framework.

Main features are:

* System is built on top of Guice and Guice Servlet
* Component based
* Stateful pages
* Server/client-communication is purely ajax-based.
* Uses XSL for templating
* Support for delayed request (comet/server push)
* Scala-friendly

Other fancy features are:

* Embeddability: Context pages can be embedded to pages made with other
frameworks or to just raw HTML-files.

* Mockability: It is possible to mock server/client interaction
and create mock interfaces for quick prototyping, representing
new ideas or just simple cross-browser testing.

The newest version is just released, so it is recommended to download a pre made zip-file in downloads-section to begin a new project.

Your feedback would really help the project to evolve.

Thank you for your time,
Marko Lavikainen