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Recent posts by Faisal Fuad

Hi, one quick question. Based on my current project architecture I have only one Controller class to which my UI is connecting by @RequestMapping (value = "/<some string>", method=RequestMethod.GET). Problem is day by day that controller class is getting bigger as our UI requirements are changing. Please suggest me what will be the best way to break this controller class into small sub-classes.

Thank you so much.
6 years ago
Incase if anyone is looking for such plugin here is 'FullCalendar' (URL: fullcalendar.io). Using since yesterday. Very nice, powerful and editable.
Hi all, looking for any good (Open Source/Free) JavaScript/jQuery plugin which will help me to display events (coming from back-end database) in calendar view. Any suggestion please?

Thanks always
Hello All. Need you brilliant suggestion(s)/design model(s) on this following problem statement please:

Suppose there are various data sources such as internal DB(s) as well as outside/3rd party corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. Each of these Data sources may or may not have any common way to publish their data to the vendor(s). And what I ment by that is, may be the vendor needs to consume RESTful services to fetch/collect the data from those sources and/or may have to run SQL Query to get the required data set/resultset at the same time.

Moreover, these list of internal and external data sources (DB instances, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc) also may change (add or delete) in future as needed.

Now, I am working on the Vendor side My task is to propose an API (sort of) which will communicate all those various sources (as needed) and make the date available in such a way that Middle layer (business layer)/UI developers will not have to worry about various Data sources/Data type at any given time (means let's say, in all cases they will just receive data in JSON format, and that all for them to play with).

Please advise me about the available/best technology or the best design architecture which I should follow to create such a dynamic layer (sort of DAO layer) to support this above problem statement.

I will really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. And Thank you so much.
7 years ago
I see So only $ and _ (connecting character) are allowed but no other special characters are allowed (anywhere in the identifier definition). Of course in legal cases always I have to be careful how the identifier is starting.

Thanks Brown
Hi, i started reading SCJP 6 Certification book by Kathy & Bert. in Chapter 1, Under Legal Identifiers they are saying 'int e#' is an illegal identifier (page-5). But why? It started with a litter -right?

I don't know whether i am at the right forum room to ask this question or not. Well, long ago i heard about SCJP Java certification test from Sun. Now when I am searching Oracle came into that picture and they have their own certifications.

Now can any one please help me to understand what will be the equivalent certification of 'SCJP Java 6 Exam: 310-065' (I bought this book long ago: SCJP: Exam 310-065) to Oracle (what i am seeing now this: Oracle: 1Z0-851)?

Thanks guys
Joe, Thanks for your reply. Just wondering, as I am using Struts2 annotation do i really need 'struts.xml' in my classpath? Well, based on your reply I read the given URL on Namespace (again Thank you), and created 'stutrs.xml' which looks like as follows:

'stutrs.xml' is having this now:

I am surely doing something wrong here therefore seeing those WARNING messages again as follows:

In case if the Img is not visible please click Image Link
10 years ago
Hi, i was playing around with Struts2 annotation (On top of Tomcat v7.0) with various good online resources. However, at one stage seeing following WARNING message(s) in console. Will really appreciate if any one of you can help me to find my mistake(s). Thanks

WARNING Message:

My project structure (mainly using Struts2- is as follows:

In case if the img is not visible then please click this https://app.box.com/s/rvl8rhgnksd55usor37c

My 'web.xml' is as follows:

In 'index.jsp' having this:

In 'login_input.jsp' having this:

In 'LoginAction.java' having this:

And in 'login_success.jap' having this:

That's all. Thanks again.
10 years ago
Thanks! This post saved my time
10 years ago
I did solve this problem as follows:

As in my "ProductController.java" I defined this following:

Therefore, in "messages.properties" file I did the following change (followed the right format):

and in "FormExample-servlet.xml" I did register the messages properties file as follows:

Honestly speaking, I did these same changes even before and tried many times but didn't work. And now it is 1 AM...
May be my lenovo needs to sleep and so did this little favor after this long

Anyway, will be glad if this post helps someone. Good Night
11 years ago
Can any one please help me to find out my mistake? Down here I just want to implement a simple form validation (NotEmpty) for two fields only. And if fields are empty (either one or both), then error message will appear where those message(s) I want to set through my "mesages.properties" file. However, it is not working (not reading mesages.properties file) like the way I want

My codes are as folows:

a) web.xml

b) FormExample-servlet.xml

c) messages.properties

d) ProductController.java

e) ProductList.java

f) index.jsp

g) FormInput.jsp

h) FormOutput.jsp

11 years ago
ok...I solved it! I did the following changes only:

In the "ContactController.java" I did the following:

Notice that I added Map<String, Object> map in the addContact method parameter. And also point out the secuence I am following to declare those parameters. You will get "Errors/BindingResult argument declared without preceding model attribute. Check your handler method signature!" Error Message if you don't follow this siquance. A nice article I found here: LoonGest

And in "hello.jsp" page, I just did this:

Rest of the files are all same. Great !!
11 years ago