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Davide Antelmo

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since Jul 15, 2011
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Recent posts by Davide Antelmo

I just received the mail from Oracle that I pass OCMEA certification.
Thanks for all your support..

@Giuseppe I think you will receive the same mail soon.
I wish so Martin!!
Thanks for your opinion, I will wait hopefully the 'Oracle congratulations mail'
I just received a mail from pearsonveu support:

Dear Davide,

I am afraid there is an error with the PDF's on the website. At present
our technical department have not confirmed when the error will be

You should receive notification from Oracle confirming the results have
uploaded to their systems.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact
us by either calling one of the numbers below or by sending an email to:

Kind regards

I didn't receive any mail yet from Oracle so I checked my exam report on website where PART II (1Z0-848) is in 'PASS' status
and PART III (1Z0-866) is in 'TAKEN' status. (I have attached a screenshot).
What do you think about that? Does It mean that I passed OCMEA certification?

but who did send you the 'congratulation mail' ?
PearsonVeu?Oracle? ?
6 years ago
I just received the same mail from <> . I made part 1 at prometric, then part2 and part3 at pearsonvue( July 27). I didn't re-uploaded my assignement.
So what could be my next check?