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Ixus See

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Recent posts by Ixus See

Chris Zaremba wrote:See RMI Port Number

yes obviously I know the default number is 1099, but that doesn't mean the user will only choose 1099 or maybe his port is block.. I allow the user to set a different number.

Now the problem is to validate if it is a valid port no.

I check if it is digit. . but what about the range of valid numbers?
heehee of cos I have that..

anyway is there a range of ports no. for RMI?

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Ixus See wrote:well it seems that i shifted to a thin client.

So you answered the question about the appropriate location to add the logic to filter records yourself.

I did but I want 2nd opinions and maybe things i miss out. I always believe a 3rd person view is the clearest ;)

Thats why my encourage my colleagues, if you can't solve a problem in 1 hour please SEEK FOR HELP, because a 3rd person view will help a lot and you won't be wasting man hours. Maybe I strongly believe that a lot of problems my colleagues face are already solved in design patterns and no point re-inventing the wheel. I also encourage more communication and healthy debates, which is what I hope to see.

Don't you feel a lot of software engineers are very "closed"? They don't take much especially regarding their design as holy book that cannot be disputed. Anyway is just my way of encouraging more sharing, caring and learning in the work place.

How about you, Roel De Nijis? how do you encourage your colleagues to share and talk about their work and problems?