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Recent posts by s patnaik

Thats a pretty generic question. Have you tried googling for migrating from 2.x to 3.x? There are lots of books and online articles on it.
Off the top of my mind, I enjoyed reading EJB3 in action and that has a chapter for migrating.

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly.

What I can say is that the EJB container only makes sure that a bean instance is associated with only one thread at a time.

A static field can still be accessible across all threads. So thread A (associated with EJB instance A) can start a transaction and access and modify the static field. Simultaneously thread B (associated with EJB instance B) can start another transaction and access and modify the same static field at the same time.

Hope that helps !
Maybe something to do with transaction management.
Have you tried googling for - "XA error: XAResource.XAER_NOTA start() failed on resource 'weblogic.jdbc.jta.DataSource': XAER_NOTA : The XID is not valid " ?
There definitely have been applications that moved to EJB 3.

Whether its worthy or not is for you to decide considering what you want to gain out of it !
Career Highlights
--> Accomplished software professional since 2003 with experience in designing and developing web based, internet/intranet distributed architecture applications using Java and JEE technologies.
--> Successfully completed projects for such clients as Vodafone, Intrepid Learning Solutions and General Motors among others.
--> Solid background in full life-cycle of software development including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, deploying and maintenance.
--> Strong analytical skills to quickly get up to speed in understanding the project requirements and learn any requisite technologies to achieve the project goals.
--> Effectively led and mentored team members on learning new skills.
--> Proactively promoted best practices, design concepts, and agile development practices to build solutions that not only met current requirements, but also adapted well to changing business needs.
--> Hold OCPJP 7, SCJP 5 and OCMJEA 5 certifications.
--> Primary technical skills include Java, JEE(JSP, Servlets, EJB 3, JDBC), Struts.

I am currently located in Indianapolis, IN, USA.
My complete resume is available on request. I can be contacted via private message.
I am looking for a full time job local to Indianapolis or a telecommuting job.

8 years ago
For example,

Number number = 10;

Here 10 which is an int is boxed to Integer. As, Integer "is a" Number, int 10 gets boxed and then widened to a Number. Or in other words, int 10 gets autoboxed to Number.

Hope that helps.

I do not know a lot about TOGAF. TOGAF certification was an alternative certification that people were suggesting when I was deciding whether or not to get OCMJEA certified.
OCMJEA is a certification which is mostly centred around architecting your solution around JEE though they do claim that it does not need to be.
In contrast, TOGAF is a generic enterprise architectural approach not specific to a technology. You can find out more about TOGAF here
Its definitely not like comparing apple to apple. But you know, if architect certification is what one is interested in then....
I opted for OCMJEA just because I am a JEE professional and I still had time before the useless mandatory training came into effect.

Here are some informative discussions on architect certifications -

Hope that helps...

How about TOGAF certification?
Did you check on the internet if certifications are available?
Certifications exist for everything !!! Java, Spring etc etc...

I enjoy preparing for certifications as I can measure myself against a milestone. But learning is such a personal thing ! There are thousands of Java pundits who have never got certified but still are the best in their fields... There are also thousands of so called certified professionals who fumble the basics !

Having said that, I would like to take up OCPJP first just because that tests your Java language knowledge - the basics. After all we want to be able to write good and correct programs. In the process of preparation, you gain knowledge of important OOP concepts. After that, I would go step by step with whatever interests me next.

All the best !

I would prepare for OCPJP 7 which is not yet available but should be in a few months. The Beta OCPJP 7 exams just got over in early january. so the real exam should follow pretty soon. That is just my personal thought, I am not associated with the organizers of the exam in any way. Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book is still the best for the concepts. A few mock exams should make you exam ready ! All the best !
When the certifying authority was Sun Microsystems, it was SCJP
Now that the certifying authority is Oracle Corporation, it is OCPJP
The fundamentals of Java remain the same though new features do get added with newer versions. IMHO, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book is still the best in the market for OCPJP.
If there is no urgency, you might want to get certified in OCPJP 7. The exam in the version 7 is not available right away but should be i guess in a few months. The Beta exam for OCPJP 7 just got over in early January. In the meanwhile, you can prepare for the exam. Just my twopence !!! All the best !
I do not know if the Self Study Training "completely encompasses" Exam Simulator but it does say it has 7 full length mock exams. I think that should suffice.
I have not used Self Study Training. But I have used Exam Simulator when I was preparing for my certifications. Exam simulator was pretty decent. For subject matter, I used Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates book and some other complete java reference book. I also practised coding using different concepts on netbeans installed in my system. But in the end, whatever suits you ! All the best
You can view all your certification history in Oracle certview.

In case you have not created an account with Oracle and pearsonvue already, you would need to create them entering exactly same details as the account you had with Sun. You might find details here.

I hope that helps.

All the best for your exams Glen !