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Recent posts by lily zou

thank you very much, Yuriy.
We are creating testing tool to test web applications using java. For pure html page, we can find out if the test cases pass or fail by outputting html code and comparing testing result pages to the correct result page. But this cann't apply to javascitp testing since we don't know how to invoke javascripting function from java's output stream.
I am wondering if there is anyone having any similiar experience and know how to solve it.
Any advice is highly appreciated.
this is the html code for select element:
select name=".type" onChange=autoPreviewForXMenu()
and following is the body of javascripting function "autoPreviewForXMenu" :
var preview_button = document.getElementById("PreviewCMD");;
The PreviewCMD button is defined by next:
input type="image" name="PreviewCMD" src="/AppCrm/ButtonRenderServlet
When I use above code with NetScape, it throws javascripting error saying "preview_button has no properties". But it works fine with IE.
Thanks for your response, Eric.
Hi, there
I have a select box implemented javascript function so that every time I change its value, the click event of a image button on the page gets invoked. It worked fine in IE. However it complains that button has no properties when it comes to Netscape. Is there anyone knowing how to work around this ?
Your help is much appreciated,
I want to render the page like clicking that specific button.
Hi, I have a simple question to ask. Any help is appreciated.
I have a select box and in its onChange() event, a button on page is going to be clicked. However, it doesn't work in Netscape while working just fine for Explorer. Is there any special function I need to call to invoke this event for Netscape browser ? The code is :
var myButton = document.getElementById("thisButton");; // this is not working for Netscape
but I still want a.html page getting displayed on main page when browser does not support javascript.
Hi, there
I use "return false;" to open a window and keep main page unchanged. However, it only works for Netscape but not for IE6.0.
Following is my code:
<A onclick_event="show('/a.html'); return false;" href="http://localhost:9260/a.html"><IMG src="a.png"></A>
Is there anyone having any idea why this is not working for IE ?
Thank you very much.
I want to make this row invisible under certain condition
May I ask if I could use <div> tag to define some specifical feature for a row of data in a table ?
This is my code but seems not working:
<DIV class=pane id=pn_1><TR><TH>Code2</TH><TD><INPUT></TD></TR></DIV>"
but if I put <DIV> around <INPUT> field, it is working fine.
Thanks a lot for your help.
I need to do some statistic calculation for some application components. I know there is a indicator called EWA but what I want to do is to retrieve something like Exponential Moving Worst value, meaning the longest time value that component to take to do certain task, giving more weight to more recent values.
I am wondering if anyone knows any tools or any way to obtain this value ?
Your help is highly appreciated.
16 years ago
Hi, Michael
Not all the select objects on the form should be invisible but just those which will be covered by drop down menu. However the length and width of this menu are possible to change during runtime. Also, most of the time, only part of the select object on the form will be covered.
How to know a select obj is covered by a menu and therefore make it partially invisible ?
thank you very much, bear. However, my menu items' contents and width, length are dynamicly changing so I am afraid the way you mentioned may not be able to apply.
Also, interestingly, I found that this mouse-over drop-down menu will be blocked only by <select> html element on that form. It can cover input fields and textfields.
Is there any difference between <select> element and regular <input> element on the same form ?
Thanks again,
Hi, there
I have a form and I created a menu system by javascript. The menu can be unfolded by mouse over.
However, when the menus "slide out" overtop of form elements ( like text inputs or dropdowns ), the form elements render over the menus. This is quite disturbing sometimes.
May I ask if there is any way to let the expanded menus covers whatever on the form ?
Thanks in advance,