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Jose Marin

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Recent posts by Jose Marin

Hello All,

I used Axis2 ADB to create a service stub class from a WSDL provided by a company but am having trouble writing the client to consume the service. I am using Eclipse IDE to generate and develop my service clients.

Everything works fine when I create the stub class and let Eclipse automatically test it I see the SOAP generated meets the service's requirements with the expected soap envelope namespace, xsi namespace, etc.. However, the hand written client does not return the proper soap envelope definitions nor the XSI namespace declaration.

Obviously I'm missing something when I implement the stub but don't know what it is. Looking at the Eclipse generated JSPs the service call is simply one line of code producing the proper output.

Here's my output:

Here's my expected output, produced by the Eclipse JSPs:

Here's the client code (sans import declarations):

Any help, pointers or tips will be greatly appreciated.
10 years ago
How are you applying the security policy? Let's see your code.
10 years ago