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Recent posts by Catherine austin

Since final object value can be changed . If this would have been true then the following code would have run fine...

here's the code

If the final object can be changed then kindly give some example for the same.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks Muneeswaran and Darryl But Darryl can you explain me the real cause of this absurd behaviour . Since my exam is next weak i need to know all possible answers .
I got confused in the following code where it shows (i3==i4) but Not the same with (i2==i4).
Why this code behaves differently. Here's the code

Output :Same Object-I

Kindly clear this doubt. I shall be very thankfull to u.
I created two packages namely "pA" and "pB" with class "pA" and "PB" defined in them respectively .
Now when i am trying to access public member of package "pA" it gives a compiler error addressing that package does not exist.

Any one kindly help me figure out the real flaw in this. Here is the code.

and in package b

Thanks in advance .
According to my knowledge, protected member of a class can be accessed only by its subclasses. But in case the member is enum why can we access it in non-subclass type..
Here's the code

I shall be thankful to you . kindly guide me.
The following code runs fine but i am not able to understand how can we use start() and join without refernce of the class.
The code is as follows

9 years ago
The following code runs fine but prints "failed connection" .
Here's the code :" form.html"

Code for servlet : ""

Kindly help me sort out this.
9 years ago
Hey can anyone tell me if it will be mentioned explicitly the number of options correct in case of multiple answers correct ?