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Recent posts by Federico Cardelle

Hi, Tidake. I completely agree with you.

This thread is a mess (there are people asking to join the team, I am asking people to sign up...) so, if you don't mind, I will copy and paste your post in this thread and we can discuss there.
10 years ago
I created a forum for the team.
Right now there are two threads: one to say hi, and anothre one where we are trying to design a simple CGPA application.

We can design together, but we need to know how many people will be active before start coding, so if you want to participate, please sign there as soon as possible.
10 years ago
This is being a little chaotic until now, just as expected I guess. That is why I am trying to establish good ways to communicate among ourselves. I sent you a PM to each of you with links to those tools. (you can read it in "My Private Messages")

Until now, two people signed up in our github project, one of them signed to the forum, two different people added me in skype, and another one added me in Facebook (which I rarely use, but it's ok )

I hope that, when all this settle down, there will be a team with 4 or 5 active people.
10 years ago
Hi, Himabindu. I am happy that this thread has interested to so many people. If we see that we are too much, we can always distribute in two projects.

Hi Deepali. I think that it is great that you make an UML diagram with your ideas. It seems that CGPA can be the project. If somebody wants to make an UML for another project, then we can compare and choose one, which I think that it is a good thing.
10 years ago

I have installed skype on my computer, you can add me as federico.cardelle
I don't know if everybody can follow a spoken chat in English... I will need you to speak slowly

I have created a project in github.com with the name JavaRanch-Beginners-Project
Please sign up at github and click to Watch this project so I can add you as collaborators.

We need to decide the topic of the project (CGPA software is proposed by Adeosun) and we need someone to propose a design of the project, maybe represented in a UML diagram.
10 years ago
well, Hi everybody

So if I am correct, we have already eight people:
Jon Avadis
Matthew Nelson
Vijay Tidake
Rameshwar Soni
Adeosun Oluwatimilehin
Lalit Mehra
Deepali Kohli
Federico Cardelle

Jay Wood, I am not sure if you want to participate, or if you said that it is too soon for you. Please, confirm if you want to be in.

So I think that we have to take some decisions...

1.Is this number of people enough? Do we stop accepting people?
It seems that there are plenty of people wishing to participate in a team, so if somebody reads it too late, I think that another thread like this can be opened to form another group.

2.How will we communicate?
We should keep the process open to the advice of experienced people, like Campbell said, but this thread is not enough for an agile communication, especially if we want to keep several topics separated. Do we move to github or javaforge, while we keep this thread active for questions to the community?

3.The project
Adeosun suggests CGPA software, which is a good option for OOP programming.
Maybe we should suggest one or two more topics and then valorate advantages and disadvantages of each one
Here is big list of project ideas.

Last but not least, there are people in the team more experienced than me that can step up and lead the team better. Meanwhile I'll try to keep this thing going
10 years ago
Yes, I guess so... writing a plugin that does nothing is easy... but a useful plugin will be too much...

What do you think of this plan?
1.Keep updating this thread until we find like... hmm... 8 people? that want to participate
2.Write a very simple application. For example, the project can be a MVC swing application where somebody writes the GUI, somebody the controller and the other people write each one a class of the model that implements a given interface.
  • test our skills to realize what we can do.
  • test the group dynamics.
  • look who stick and who quit.

  • 3.Think of a more serious project.
    10 years ago
    Hi, Matthew, Jay. Hi, Campbell.

    Yes, we will need all the help from experienced people that we can get All kind of advice is welcome.
    I hope that everybody that wants to participate can contribute in some way.

    Just to start a brainstorm on what the actual project could be, NetBeans and Eclipse are "plugin friendly".
    Documentation on how to write a plugin for NetBeans and Eclipse. And the hundreds of plugins written for NetBeans and Eclipse
    Maybe we can write a very simple and, hopefully, short in time plugin to test ourselves and, if we are successful, try a little bit more complex project. Just an idea.
    10 years ago
    Hi, Jon. It's great that someone answered to my thread!

    I've been searching, and people speak great about Github and about the git version control system that it uses. The only thing is that it doesn't seem to have good integration with Netbeans. right now. I don't know if we would be better in a Java specific repository, like JavaForge. Maybe an experienced programmer can answer this question. Apart from that, Github looks great.

    Another thing is the kind of project that we would be interested in... at this point I think that I would feel interested in pretty much any project
    Here all experienced people suggest to start with a plugin. Or maybe you have an idea for a not too complex application that you want to implement.

    10 years ago
    I've been studying Java by myself for some months and right now I feel comfortable learning new libraries, and reading and writing Java code. But I am not skilled or experienced enough to contribute to a open source project or to look for a job.

    I consider that the next step to me would be to be part of a team with people in the same situation, in order to learn the difficulties of working in a team and the technologies developed to facilitate the teamwork. I searched the Internet and, surprisingly to me, I didn't find any project for Java beginners. Maybe I don't know where to search

    So I am looking for a project to develop something that can be applicable in the real world, so it is more motivating, but not too hard for beginners, for example a plugin for some application. Ideally, we would also need somebody with some experience, who has already been in a team, and wants to gain some experience as a team leader.

    Maybe somebody can suggest me some project or maybe there are people in this forum that can join to try something like this. I think that we can learn a lot even if we miserably fail.
    10 years ago

    14.1 Normal and Abrupt Completion of Statements
    If all the steps are carried out as described, with no indication of abrupt completion, the statement is said to complete normally. (...)

    There is also a section about the break statement, but tt is also obscure to me...

    14.15 The break Statement
    A break statement with no label attempts to transfer control to the innermost enclosing switch, while, do, or for statement of the immediately enclosing method or initializer block; this statement, which is called the break target, then immediately completes normally.

    To be precise, a break statement with no label always completes abruptly, the reason being a break with no label. If no switch, while, do, or for statement in the immediately enclosing method, constructor or initializer encloses the break statement, a compile-time error occurs.

    After rereading the chapter, I think that the break statement makes the body of the for statement (what is in parenthesis after the for(...) line ) complete abruptly, giving control to the for statement (or switch, while, do), which completes normally. Maybe an English native speaker understands it more clearly
    10 years ago
    Hi. I am reading the chapter 12 of the Java Language Specification, about statements http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jls/third_edition/html/statements.html and it says

    An abrupt completion always has an associated reason, which is one of the following:

    A break with no label
    A break with a given label
    A continue with no label
    A continue with a given label
    A return with no value
    A return with a given value
    A throw with a given value, including exceptions thrown by the Java virtual machine

    but later, talking about the for statement (, it says

    If the Expression is not present, then the only way a for statement can complete normally is by use of a break statement.

    Is this incoherent or am I misunderstanding something?
    10 years ago
    What if I write a set of programs that show what I can do? Would it help?
    Or maybe if I participate in some open source project to gain experience...
    10 years ago
    I think that i got it
    My previous try was a useless fail, because it only worked when the test was always true or always false
    But now I used a little bit of reflection here it is...
    I created two classes that override toString() (yes, I had to consult the javadoc ) and the whatIsMyClass method, that declares an Object and initializates it to be of the class TRUE of FALSE depending of the two parameters being equal or not. When I invoke o.toString() it uses the version corresponding to its class. Of course I could make the overriden toString method to do whatever the If block made or, even better, I could use an interface with a method specific for this test.
    Just change "myPackage" for a valid package and you will see that it works

    10 years ago
    After some months of studyng java, I can write some simple little programs... but I still have to consult the documentation to use almost every method (except for println(), equals() and a couple more). At this point I have some questions that more experienced people could answer:

    1.What is the best way to memorize the frequently used classes?
    2.How much of the SE and EE libraries can a professional java programmer use without reading the documentation? How long does it take to get there?
    3.Will the time I spend learning that be still useful if I changed to another programming language?

    10 years ago