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Recent posts by Mary Chellapa

Thanks for your reply sir,

One more question ( hope i dont come across silly )

Is Flash obsolete?
i mean i read that in tech news and stuff but one of our environemnts support flash and there was a discussion if we dont want to use flash.. what should we use.
11 years ago
Does anyone know what the typical Video Size is on various websites?

Our company is putting some videos for demonstrating some of our products. Initial Video were small 5MB-ish but recent ones have been like 90MB.
We had to find a work around for our content management system to be able to handle new size .
I was wondering how big typical size is in industry. Should we continue with work around Or we should just ask the product people to reduce video sizes.

i understand there is no accurate answer to this question. Just want to know if anyone has worked on sites that had video content or has an idea otherwise.
11 years ago
let me try again

is what i wrote in the code along the lines of above code (i call working piece of code )
when i open the page in browser part after /> is treated as code between and , that is it appears just above the image included between
first half is working piece of code

<XXXx: emarketing ... is custom tag

(alternate way i can use this code instead of above tag)
><c:import url="../../include/eMarketingSpotDisplay.jsp">
<c:param name="emsName" value="VDO" />
<c:param name="maxNumDisp" value="8" />
<c:param name="catalogId" value="${WCParam.catalogId}" />
<c:param name="maxItemsInRow" value="4" />
<c:param name="maxColInRow" value="3" />

I am not even sure which category i should post this question in, please direct if i am in wrong forum.

So here is my to-do.
(Environment: Websphere Commerce Version 6)
Display video in a lightbox. The video content should come from Management Center ( so that the content does not depend on web release ).

Here is what i did, Created a new sample web page and successfully played a video using a jquery plugin.
Code is as follows

no rocket science there, ( googled it up )

Now i proceeded adding this in the place where actually i have to

two issues there :
1. Ie is complaining OBJECT NOT SUPPORTED where js/css is added
2. Firefox is fine but i cannot add content from mgmt center in href cause that is like this

if i put the same in href above makes it assume the 'a' tag is closed here .

Any suggestion on how to approach the issue.
Thanks a lot !

Hi ,
i need an HTML help

if i have to put this :
between " " in a href ... how will i do it?
what is the escape character i'll have to use \" or ""

So can i say if i do <%-- its as good as deleting from the JSP page right.
11 years ago
page comes up black for me
and in title it says Whats i steh difference <link rel="canoni something something
i thought the whole page is commented out because
<!-- and <%--
11 years ago
Heading of a question i posted created some problem with the page

I am sorry but i posted a question with <!-- and <%-- in title ... it may have caused some problem in displaying the page.
Please see or delete the query.

11 years ago
What is the difference between <!-- and <%--
11 years ago
Any good tried and tested resource on lightbox ( to show video )?