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Recent posts by Pranit Sonawane

Hi all this is my code

Globally declared variables are

and I'm getting

No operations allowed after statement closed.

Where am I going wrong. Please Help


Tapas Chand wrote:Hi Pranit,
In JDBC a ResultSet associated with a Statement is closed as soon as we associate another ResultSet to the same Statement before closing the previous ResultSet.
I hope now you understand the problem in the code and find a solution and please post the solution if you get.
If you do not understand the problem even now we will provide the solution.

Yes got that! Thanks a ton Tapas!
Thanks a ton for your kind reply!
Here's the full stacktrace

and here is the connection file where ResultSet is declared

Hi all. I am trying to write a code in which i want to manage stock by fetching data from purchase table. I have the following code and it gave me Operation Not allowed after resultset is closed. I haven't closed it at all!. Please help!

P.S. Do you need that semi-colon?

Sorry a silly mistake I made. I removed semi colon and it worked.! Thanks a ton for your reply sir! Cheers!
9 years ago
Hi below is my code and this exception was thrown in another page so I created a new page and only imported just a single package still its throwing an exception? Any reasons why?

9 years ago
Hi all!
Below is my code

All I'm trying to do is to search the data from the database and is doesn't show up!
9 years ago
Ok Done!
Now I have made a slight change to my code

got an exception too many connections.
Thanks for your reply people but Dave you said

In addition I'm not sure why you now have two connections?
Surely this is a single transaction, so requires a single connection to work with?

I have to run the update query for 800 records so I thought it would be better to open and close connection every time, else I'll get the Too Many Connections exception! So I did that.
Okay here is my new code

I have tried closing prepared statement and result set also as suggested!

and for you this reply

Also, MySQL's column limit is actually a row limit, that is a single row can only hold some 64k.
From the docs.
You would get an error if you exceeded that, though.

No I haven't yet made mistake there. so finally there should not be any problem for the 61st column?
Hi all. First of all I'm sorry for unknowingly making a mistake of marking my previous issue as resolved as I have reopen it.

Above was the code which I posted in my earlier thread as the record is not updating. I tried making changes such as

which prints "1" as a result and in actual the query doesn't update the column's value!
Please help me its getting really tricky for me!
Many thanks!
Also I'm looking for a suggestion about the Database Software?
Like couple of my next projects are going to need a good or you can say a great database software. Its going to be my bank's project. Now you all can imagine that I'm gonna need a better database system. Currently am using MySQL. Your suggestions will be really helpful for me.! I request you to please suggest me something awesome!
Many Thanks!
But there is one thing I have forgot to tell you all. Please tell me how many columns are allowed in a MySQL table?

The columns which is to be updated is the 61st column of the table!

Does that really matter?
now can you believe something! I mean this is not good! I have been working on this query for a whole day! Dint get any positive reply! Which irritated me a lot!
But I saw your reply people!
Thanks a lot to each n every one of you guys for your great help honestly I'm please to be a member of this forum!
Anyways the current status is that I pasted the same query again and also updated the code and added Paul's Suggestion. And finally at the end it prints "1"

Not working