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Recent posts by Pete Wellens

We have had a very perplexing performance issue crop up with Java Web Start. When our application is run in the Netbeans IDE development environment, all the operations run at the normal, reasonable speed that we have come to expect from past experience developing this particular Web Start Application - both in the development environment and as installed through the Web Start deployment mechanism.

For the latest builds however, when the application is packaged and deployed with Web Start, it's performance is vastly degraded compared with how it runs in the Netbeans IDE - it runs approx. 20+ times slower! This includes ALL operations - this does NOT appear to be a loading/initialization problem.

We have just began trying to investigate the problem through run-time profiling, etc., but have not found the answer yet. If anyone has any insight into this problem - maybe, hopefully, have directly experienced the same problem - or has advise on the best strategy for diagnosing it, we would be very grateful.

11 years ago
I hope there is some simple answer for this problem that is really baffling and frustrating me.

I'm working on an OS X machine (10.6 Snow Leopard). I have several installs of Tomcat 6 set up on different remote servers. On all of these, I can successfully access and use the HTML manager application.

I recently installed Tomcat 6 locally on my Mac, and I can reach the 'home' page at http://localhost:8080/ - but when I try to log into the manager app 'manager/html', the login fails every time. I type my credentials into the fields, try to login, and it simply requests the login information again as a response.

I have double and triple checked that the User Data Base and Realm configs in 'server.xml and the Roles and Users in 'tomcat-users.xml' are configured exactly the same - yet I can't login to the localhost manager!

Can someone please give me a clue - would really 'preciate it.

- Pete
12 years ago