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Recent posts by Kavisha Paranamana

I have a spinner in my android application and I have two questions about it. The drop down is appearing but I cannot select items of it. When I clicked in the spinner it is displaying the item list. But when I clicked on the item, nothing happen. I cannot identify selected item. When I print the position inside getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) method, it prints all items id.

Also I want to know how to identify the selected item without displaying it in spinner as spinner usually does.

This is my CustomSpinnerAdapter :


7 years ago
Thanks Henry.
I am looking forward just to enhance my future career. Are there some certifications or whatever, that would boost me up from where I am now (in developer backgrounds), to be able to step in as a project manager of a software company in future? What are your advices for me considering where I am now, and where I want to go?
8 years ago
Thank you Jeanne and Manikandan for your replies.

Manikandan Swaminathan wrote:Why suddenly interested in project manager - that too at this point of time in your career?

It's just the interest - I'm interesting in management, that's why I'm thinking to shift my career.

I know some people who have directly stepped in as project managers without having any technical backgrounds - even on overseas positions. How do you think they made that happen? Are there some certification-kind qualifications that would make people 'qualified' to directly step in as project managers without having any experience at all?
8 years ago
I have one year experience as a java software developer. I have two IT bachelors too in addition to my SCJP and SCWCD. I would like to change my career path from developer to project manager. What I want to know is whether I can find a job as project manager without having work experience in that field? I would like to start as an intern or training position. Despite my interests in project management, how do you see this career switch? I appreciate your views and advices about them.
8 years ago
Harsh , what is the error massage you get ?

I think the problem is with your environment variables. Either you have to add your '/bin' folder to Path variable or add custom variable as JAVAHOME and then 'Path' variable should include 'JAVAHOME/bin'.
8 years ago
Thank Stuart. I appreciate your helps.
8 years ago
Thanks Campbell and Stuart for the suggestions.
Is there any legitimate audio books freely available to refer?

8 years ago
English is not my native language. I know we should have good English knowledge to acquire good jobs these days. Improving grammar is not only help to grow our knowledge. But also we should have wide vocabulary. I need to improve my word level more and more. Can anyone please suggest me how to do that quickly?
8 years ago
Hi Vivek,

According to my point of view I think it is better to stick with your current job for another couple of years. Still you don't have enough knowledge in frameworks. Also you are with lack of experience. You need time to study new technologies. Meanwhile you can gain experience from your current job. Also you can contribute to open source projects which you can improve your technical knowledge hugely.
8 years ago
I have a Windows computer setup with dual monitor functionality. There is a project I'm working on which requires different wallpapers to be shown on each monitor. I tried finding out if there is any Windows registry key or .dll entry that I can call from my program. But I failed without being able to find any possible solution.Is there anything you know that can be used as a workaround for this problem?

Thank you
9 years ago
Did you mean something like that you have (to?) all the orders fetched at the page load, and you need a separate page that shows the orders only of a particular user? If you meant that you need this to be done without having any PHP processing, you can do it by keeping a set of properties or an array of orders belong to each user. This could be something like...

I wouldn't recommend though, but you can generate the above code using a PHP foreach loop. Now, if you need to get all orders initiated by the user with the id 64, you can simply obtain them as orders['user'+userId].

However, it should be noted that this is not something you should do if you follow the good practices. This does nothing but floods the browser with excessive memory consumption, if you have thousands of users. A better idea would be having the PHP codes to yield the Order objects belong to a given user. If you use some proper kind of database caching, this approach is much better than pre-fetching everything at the first page load.
Thanks Pete; and yes, canvas seems to be the place to start.
But is there a way for identifying the existing points of a drawn image on a canvas, so we can use them for some sort of image processing with JavaScripts?
What did you mean by 'disabling' ?
If you need to change the 'look' of these tags on the click event, you can just change the class in the click event.