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Recent posts by dhiru kumar

Hi All,

This is the question from enthuware Practice test 1 question 26
How can you retrieve the data sent by the FORM displayed by following HTML page code?

Given answer are

why can't it be
I could not understand the explanation given.


Its not good to pass using real exam questions.
So don't ask about it here in this forum.
Everybody here will help you if you have doubts.
Can anybody help me with the topic above.

8 years ago

I cleared OCP JP in september 2011, but I have not received the certificate.
What the procedure or any email ID to mail to oracle giving the testing id and informing them that
I have not received the certificate yet ??

Thanks in advance

8 years ago
Hi Gj Joshi,

Its very wrong to consult Dumps and get certified .
If you get certified that way , then the whole point certification stands null and void .
Do you want to gain knowledge or certification ?
Study hard and do mocks as much as you can.
That will be enough.

Hi, Rama

Before this forum, I always had this negative about forum on Internet , That they are not active . But once I joined JavaRanch , I found it very active . There are lots of people who are willing to help you, if you want to help yourself.
Just posting question, waiting for reply will not help you here. You have to answer that question and your thinking behind it .
Rama , your at the right place as far as JAVA is concerned.

Hi All ,
I got a question from javablackbelt site.
Is Autoboxing a compiletime or Runtime ?

From what I think is that it is a compile time process, because as we know Generics is all a compile time
so to prove it

So Am I correct ?

Hi All,
First of all a heartful thanks to every one here .This one is for final instance variable and final local variable initialization.

If I am wrong somewhere, Do correct it.
Hi Nitesh ,
yes it is a correct Polymorphism , but I don't think its serving the purpose of it.
Because anyways at runtime it will call the methods of GameShape only.
TestPiece and GamePiece doesn't override the method " displayingShape() ", they inherit it from the super class.

I can be wrong .
Lets wait for others to post.
Hi Gaurav Sahu Welcome to JavaRanch .
You can buy OCPJP vouchers from any NIIT center in your city or prometric centre.
And the cost of the voucher would be Rs. 5800 - Rs. 5845 . No you cannot give the retest
if you flunk . Oracle doesn't provide this offer.

And Welcome to Javaranch "krishlovesjava javaforum" .
Hope you enjoy and learn from this forum.
Hi, krishlovesjava javaforum

With due respect , I don't think its your name.
Kindly go through the name policy of the java ranch .
And yes there are lots of ppl who are here in this forum for preparing for OCP JP
Just follow this forum on OCP JP .

Hi Tommy, I was going thru this code and what I understood is that since
Inner class Player extends Recorder and also overrides the method getDisk();
So the getDisk() method called is of Player which returns a object Of VHS .

Am I correct ? If please explain .
Thanks A lot Cobe . Yes am not going to wrire this code ever in real life . But for SCJP it needs to be done.