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I know this is an old post. but I'm having the same problem. So far nobody has posted a proper answer in this thread.

I think Jayr is missing the fact that the two servers Musa is using are from two different vendors.

"Regarding to INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY should I use the callee application server factory or calling application server (WAS or weblogic Factory)?
Should I use the IIOP in this syntax?

could someone please shed some light on this issue?

Hi All

I ‘m trying to create a small EJB 3.1 application in which I want to use two application servers from two different vendors. (JBoss 6.1.0 Final and Glassfish 3.1). This is just to experience the taste of distributed applications and new features of EJB3.1.

This is the problem I’m having…

I have created a simple EJB (kind of a hello world ejb) and deployed it in GlassFish server which is running in machine A. Let’s call it GlassFishHelloWorldEjb. This one has business remote and local views.
I have created another EJB project in which I have an EJB called JBossHelloWorldEjb. I have deployed it in the Jboss server which is running in the machine B.

Now I want to inject GlassFishHelloWorldEjb to a reference in the JBossHelloWorldEjb so that I can call it within the JBossHelloWorldEjb. Then I have a web app deployed in the Jboss which calls the JBossHelloWorldEjb.

MyWebApp(Jboss, machine B)-----> JBossHelloWorldEjb (Jboss, machine B)----> GlassFishHelloWorldEjb(GlassFish, Machine A)

I tried many ways to inject the GlassFishHelloWorldEjb in to the JBossHelloWorldEjb but failed. Could some please shed some light to achieve this.

Would greatly appreciate if you could show me the way to do this through both INJECTION and Programmatic JNDI look up.

Thanks Bear for your reply. I'm not convinced not enough though. Really appreciate if you could answer my following questions.
1. Has <c:forEach> implemented as a "Classic Tag" ?

2. If so, Shouldn't it allow using <%= counter%> in my example ?

3. We know that we can use scripting in the body as I've shown in the second part of the question. But we can't use "<%= counter%>". Is it because JSTL tags don't provide Variable Synchronization?

4. Do JSP standard actions provide Variable Synchronization. Don't they?

Thanks and Regards

10 years ago
Good Day!
Could someone please explain me why we can't access 'var" as the following?

<c:forEach begin ="1" end ="5" var="counter">
<%= counter%>

why is var not accessible just like a normal scripting element?

I know we can access the"counter" as the following.

Thanks & Regards
10 years ago