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Recent posts by Santosh Kumar Nayak

Hi All

Reflection API Question

I have collected Fields using for a Bean. As I do have a nested Bean so can anyone suggest me as how to read the nested Objects

I want to iterate through all the fields of a bean

e.g Bean Structure
      his him half
     her hers
    so  all of

Family has a father. Father can also have nested objects like his him half
                                  Mother can also have nested objects  like her hers
                                  Child can also have nested objects like  so all of

Thanks in Advance
3 weeks ago

THANKS This is what I was looking for ....
1 year ago
Special attention needed for  Date field

Below you can see an Immutable Class Sample :-

1 year ago
I recommend Parameterized Queries:

Above code would be useful

Above code is running code but need help to accommodate Dynamic Input using    

As of now am using static input  

1 year ago

Tried the above Code but does not work. It keeps taking Input from user

1 year ago
Any way to make take run time input using Scanner Class ?

Any Help on this would be appreciated !!!

1 year ago
Static class , methods and data members needs to be loaded in JVM before an instance  of the class is created
1 year ago

Output for 1st case:

But the Line 12 code is changed to

Ouput for 2nd case :

What I want to understand is about the 2nd case

1 year ago
What is the difference between return and return 1?

I think return will return void value and

return 1 will return 1 . Anything else ?
1 year ago

In case I want to change the Price of Orange to 50. How should I go about to do it ?
1 year ago

Can you please Help me to resolve the error on LINE no : 12  ( printMap(HashMap <Fruit, Price> hm);)

1 year ago
I have set the Object t2 to null then how come Value is getting printed

Can some one explain as what is happening in Java memory
1 year ago

Output :- Name :Green

Can some one help me on understanding as why the Output is Green ?
1 year ago
Thanks will try out that
1 year ago