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Recent posts by Prabu Dhanapal

Its very simple.. you need to add a library... This website explains about it.. Have a look..
I am using Hibernate 3 in websphere application server 6.1. I am using JNDI to connect to my datasource.
I checked the connection in websphere Admin console and the connection was successful.
But when I deploy my project in the server and connect to the datasource using JNDI I am getting below error message.

It shows cause:null.

I use Oracle 10g database.

Please someone help.
I think this website will help you a lot. I recently came across this, Have a look at this. They have given the simple example for both Annotation driven and xml driven approaches.

Hope this helps
Can we create work area partitions, work areas in Tomcat or Tomee? Like IBM's WorkAreaPartitionManager, UserWorkArea.

Is there any open source API available as alternative to IBM's WorkAreaPartitionManager, UserWorkArea?
7 years ago
Thanks for the comment Steve..

I was just thinking of communicating with the server.
The code has been updated with AsyncTask and https support. Please go through the below post. I hope this would be helpful for others.

7 years ago

I found a really useful blog for this. It has a sample login android application which sends the user name and the password to a remote server to validate. the server is a simple servlet application. It validates and sends the response back to android app.. It looks really simple and the below page contains complete code as well... Please go through.. Hope this would be helpful...
7 years ago
Waiting for Head First Spring and Hibernate..
8 years ago
Hi deepa sabbani !!

Please post the links here, so that we can make use of it..