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since Aug 12, 2011
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Must read for part II-III

I will take tomorrow! So good luck for everybody is taking!

Hello Ranchers,

As you can see it is my first post and I will do my best to follow the forum assignment policy!

It is clearly stated in my assignment what should be done but not so clear how far I should go on it's execution! To be clear at some point the SuD must interact with an unknown external system, my doubt is concerned the extension of this interaction!

Let's suppose, it is NOT the case, the SuD should get the product catalog from somewhere to complete it's work, however, and here is my doubt, in some use cases it is clearly stated that the SuD should do another very high level task, and I'm ASSUMING to fully complete this task, the SuD will interact again with somewhere! However, it is not clearly stated that to complete the task I must do an extra work!

May I assume and extra use case, out of scope, will execute this extra work, or, for precaution, should I assume it is part of the assignment and handle it?

Hopefully, this first post is not against forum's rules and not too messy!