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Recent posts by vineet dhar

Anthony Roberts wrote:It's not drag and drop. Click on the control you want (label, text box, and so on) and release the mouse button. Then position the mouse pointer on the form where you want the control to be. Now click the mouse again, place.

Think of it as loading the mouse pointer with the control you want and then dropping it on the form.

It worked... thanks a lot....
the image url!!!Recently I started using MyEclipse IDE...I wanted to create a UI form...I changed everthing according to the tutorial but am unable to drag the required jframe, buttons etc..I hv enclosed d pics of myeclipse on my pc and also which i got fromthe tutorial site...I hv a design mode but the tutorial has form it why i am not able to drag and drop??

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:See the runtime.exec article. You just have to know how to add a user from the command line for this to work.

thanks a lot for that...i tried doing it my conventional jdbc methods and i was able to create a new user...However for that user to be active I had to go through the command line...

Ramakrishna Gummadi wrote:Is method overloading comes under polymorphism ?

Polymorphism is mainly related with method overriding............
7 years ago

Rob Spoor wrote:Welcome to the Ranch!

You can use the latest JDK and Tomcat versions without problems, although I'd stick with JDK 6 update 26 because of a bug in Java 7. Just make sure that the Tomcat installer requires a 64-bit JRE (installed with the JDK) if you have a 64-bit Windows.

As for the paths, I suggest setting up two:
- JAVA_HOME, pointing to the root of the JDK folder.
- PATH, it should include %JAVA_HOME%\bin. Keep the existing PATH contents, just add this one to either the start or the end (use ; to separate paths).

Read this for instructions on setting any environment variable. Just ignore the CLASSPATH variable, you don't need it.

Try adding JAVA_HOME to User Defined Variables and one more thing if you give C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin\ path setting in System Variables then you can make a new folder anywhere in your hard disk and run the programs need to store your programs in the bin directry...happy java journey
7 years ago

Sumit Bisht wrote:Yes this is sufficient.
For spring, you do not need any specific plugin, but if you are looking for better spring integration, you can use STS from springsource

For hibernate, you can install hiberclipse(

Thanks a lot ...I heard some people advising to go for MyEclipse enterprise edition....In what ways is it different from eclipse helios.??
7 years ago
I am currently using Eclipse SDK Version: 3.6.2....I am planning to learn Spring and this version of Eclipse sufficient or am I supposed to install any new version or plugin??
Thanks in advance..

7 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:JDBC isn't meant for database admin. Maybe you could use Runtime.exec and execute the command line to add a user?

can you please elaborate a bit further on how to implement it??? thanks a lot...

Dan Storjohann wrote:Hello,

I have seen packages declared like this: package pkg1, pkg2, pkg3; but have also seen them declared like this: package BookPack1, BookPack2, BookPack3;
Which method is commonly used? Is there a reason, why the later would be used?

It is just for your understanding and code maintainability....suppose you have written a know what pkg 1, 2, or 4 does...but when you give this code to someone else for reading, the way of writing for the latter part would be easy to comprehend....So always go for the conventional style of writing and use meaningful variable names...

7 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:A BindException usually means that something is already running on that port (by default 8080).

so how can i change the port number after installing tomcat?? Am i supposed to reinstall tomcat once again?
7 years ago

William Brogden wrote:In order to see the full error messages, change the last line in startup.bat to use "run" instead of "start" and execute startup.bat from a command prompt window.

Using run will continue in the open command prompt window and preserve all sorts of useful information.

Consider the possibility of another program using the socket Tomcat needs.


The window collapses automatically before I can do should i modify the startup.bat ??
7 years ago
i did printscreen before the window collapses and it states : Cannot assign requested address:JVM_Bind at method)....and soon
7 years ago
i had installed tomcat was working fine...but suddenly it has stopped working...when ever i click on startup.bat a dialog box opens and then collapses automatically...without starting the server...what should i do??
7 years ago

Joshie Pramajaya wrote:Nope... You don't need.

Spring and Hibernate can integrated with J2SE too.

thank you....
7 years ago