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Recent posts by Rajinder Yadav

Also I am wondering how to read/write to the server? As the applet code will get downloaded and run on the client, so how can I do I/O operations on the server?
20 years ago
I am just getting into applets and ui in general with java, but I would like to know if it is possible for an applet to do I/O operation on the server where the .class files resides.
I am making a polling applet for a friend and I need to be able to read/write the results from a file. Is there any security restriction involved?
20 years ago
hello everyone,
i am thinking of learning a few things about web-services.
my background is C++ on Windows, a recent java certified developer, i have interests in database and have been playing with jdbc for a while.
i would like to know what is a good web server to play/learn with, the ones i have heard of are:
IBM's WebSphere, Bea WebLogic and SunOne
I have interests in server side development and whould like to know the best way to go about developing new skills, also what is the most popular server out there?
thank you
20 years ago
The output is 'A' since method m1() in class B and class C are not overridden, note they do not take the same parameter of class A ... therefore no polymorphic behaviour!
Have you consider looking into database stuff, if you can get into this market as a developer and not an administrator you will surely be well sought after, stay away from ms access and vba which is only good for learning sql, look into db2, oracle or sybase.
Here is some free ibm db stuff to get you started:
IBM DB2 Universal Database
Of course don't forget about jdbc!
Best of luck on your journey
[ March 23, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
Wow I didn't think my short comment would generate so much discussion.
What sleep(0) does is allow the scheduler to perform a context switch if it's needed. The scheduler checks to see if there are any threads in the 'waiting' queue, if there isone, a context switch occurs and the current thread ends up being swapped out (that is, it yields to another thread).
You can't use wait/notify is some places, an example where yield() would be required is in a routine that is doing a cpu intensive task, if this thread is preventing another thread that updates (draws) to screen, or takes input from a user, then the screen will not get refreshed nor the input get registered until the task gets completed! So it might be a good idea to call yeild() once in a while to make your app look more responsive by allowing these other (most likely lower priority) threads to get some cpu cycles.
By the way, you should never be calling yield() or sleep(0) each time through a loop, that would waste too many cpu cycles, rather it's a good idea to call these functions every once in a while.
In java sleep(0) might not be the best way to do yielding (c/c++ win32 it's the only way). I would use yield() where ever possible, sleep(0) will most likely put a running thread into a ready state while yield() will keep a thread in the running state if no other threads needs the cpu. Going from a running state to a ready state to a running state is a needless waste of time!

Originally posted by Jose Botella:
Hello Corey
The code using sleep(0) waste time in a loop waiting for a condition to be satisfied. Have you considered using wait and notify for the thread that makes the condition true notifies the waiting thread directly, instead of being "prevented" (at impredictable times) by the check of the sleeping thread?

learn about hexadecimal number, basically you're looking to see if the most significant bit has been set, if this bit is a (binary) '1', then the number is negative, otherwise it's a positive number
[ March 16, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
Ricardo the best of luck with your search, the only thing I can add is to bring a copy of the certificate with you next time. I would never take a test given to me by a head-hunter unless it was prepared by the employer who would be hiring me. The technical interview should be left to the employer and asked by competent working professionals. In all my dealings, head-hunter don't have a clue what there're talking about and don't understand the scope of a job requirement... I see a lot of posting for UNIX only developers who will be working with VB, the last time I checked VB ran on Windows, or MUST HAVE Java skills, will be developing javascript and html for our client!
[ March 16, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
Way to go... I am sure Valentin will be surprised to find out he is a female
[ March 16, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
22 years ago
An object becomes eligible for gc when no references exist on an object, in line 7 the only reference on the object is removed when tip is reset to a reference another object!
If yeild doesn't work calling sleep(0) usually does the trick to allow a thread context-switch to take place
[ March 12, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
I already bought my Exam voucher. I was told by SUN HQ that I just need to notify the exam center 48hrs in advanced to take my test
Don't worry, you don't need to set up the exam date before hand, and I believe you have up to 1 year to make the decission.
How to study?
JavaRanch, JavaRanch, and more JavaRanch
You learn a lot by asking questions here and even more by replying to posts, chances are if you have some misconceptions about facts or detail people will quickly correct you on that here
IMHO, I would say put the brakes on taking that SCJP Exam.
[ March 09, 2002: Message edited by: Rajinder Yadav ]
Valentin, thanks for catching my mixup. I've fixed it now!
Sleeping on the JOB... what's that about!

Originally posted by Valentin Crettaz:
No s&*t , Rob, I was sleeping
So I'm stopping here otherwise people will see me as the forum terrorist who hijacks threads
[ March 08, 2002: Message edited by: Valentin Crettaz ]