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Recent posts by Vimal Kumar Venugopal

Hi Danny,

Welcome to the Ranch!

You should be able to provide the username/password as part of the URL:

This does assume that the site is using standard HTTP authentication.

If some sort of custom authentication is being done you may need to supply a per-generated cookie containing authentication information or possibly do a separate log-in request before trying to download your file. This will all depend on the setup of the remote server.
8 years ago
Could you clarify more?

Am only getting bits and pieces of information. What is the complex data that you are generating?
8 years ago
Howdy Ranchers,

I have been trying out a few Hibernate sample programs and encountered the following problem:

I have an embedded object,

And the Entity object using this class is,

And the hibernate.cfg.xml as,

There is no error and the inserts are working fine. But while the @Column name is picked up from the entity class, the @Column from the embedded class seems to get ignored.

If you could help me out, I would be greatly privileged!

Thanks a ton
Like everyone, I was confused whether to take up SCWCD 5 or 6. After reading few threads here on Coderanch, I decided to make a go for ver 6. I first read HFSJ a couple of times and worked out code where ever possible. Then read Servlet spec 3.0 documents. With two weeks time for my exam, I took the enthuware mock tests. My scores were not always good as it was varying between 68% and 90%. I also did the servlet 3.0 mock exam created by Piotr Nowicki. It helped me a lot and made me more confident in servlet 3.0 topics.

On the day before the exam, I revised my self prepared notes, David Bridgewater's SCWCD studyguide, took HFSJ mock exam and Enthuware's last day exam. I got 67% on HFSJ mock exam and 84% on enthuware last day test.

In the exam, there were neither drag and drop questions nor Custom tag questions. And only a few from servlet 3.0. I managed to score 91%. Like our SCWCD ranchers have predicted, my final exam mark was my HFSJ mock exam mark + ~20% or Enthuware exam mark + ~10%.

My advice to my fellow rangers preparing for SCWCD 6. Learn HFSJ completely. Workout a lot of code and on different containers. Whenever you are doubtful, work out some code before looking out for help. Donot get frightened by the servlet 3.0 specification documents. Believe me, there are a quite a few differences only. Most of what is said in Servlet 3.0 spec is already stated in HFSJ. You just need to look out for the changes. Asynchronous processing is one major part to learn apart from Annotations and pluggability. Finally, when you are done with the learning, get yourself Enthuware mock exam and undergo all the tests. This would give you a sense of the final exam.

No one achieves success without the help of others. So I am thankful to Bryan, Kathy and Bert for bringing out such a wonderful book, 'the HFSJ', Piotr for his immense effort in creating a mock exam for servlet 3.0, David for preparing such simple notes, Paul for bringing out Enthuware mock exams, without which I would have been never confident enough to face the exam. Guys, I really dont know you and I havent even met you. But am so grateful to you all. My gratitude also extends to my fellow rangers who were thinking like me( !) and had doubts like me( !!). They saved me a lot of efforts.
9 years ago
Congrats Madhu..

Wishing you a lot of success ahead too.
9 years ago
Hi Shailesh,

Congrats for your acheivement. Time to step down and celebrate.

Nice to know your interests.. Banking domain, Security certification - Am not in a level to advice you on that, but keep following your interests rather than the demand.

Have fun!@
Hi saumyaraj

The problem is Windows does not know where javac.exe is located. When you ask for it by typing a command starting with it, it checks the current folder, then each of the folders it knows to check, without any results. To fix this, the java folder must be one it checks.

To do this, first locate where java is installed, and where javac.exe is located. This will probably be something along the lines of C:\jdk\bin\ or C:\Program Files\Java\jdk\bin\ - I do not use Java personally so I'm not sure.

Second, go to Windows Explorer, right click My Computer, go to Properties, the Advanced tab, Environmental Variables. Under System variables, look for Path. Do NOT remove anything here, but instead at the END of "Variable value" add a semicolon (;) and a space, followed by the path you found earlier.

Hope this helps
9 years ago
Hi Yaswanth,

I see you are troubling yourself. Let me come to your help.

Well, no memory is going to be allocated for instance variable on re-assigning! The memory allocation remains same. Only the content of the memory changes from 10 -> 20.

9 years ago
Thanks Bear..

The article was of great help.. And of course it is 'nauseating'!
9 years ago
Howdy Ranchers,

I could not bridge the connection between Servlets and JSPs. In a servlet, the service() is invoked which in turn calls the doPost() or doGet(), which ever method we decide to override. But what happens in JSP? I know that a _jspService() runs, but when?
Correct me if am wrong..

9 years ago
Howdy Rangers,

I implemented pagination with JDBC. The problem is due to the large number of records (in excess of 15000 records) returned. I use the following query:

select * from ( select a.* , ROWNUM rnum , count(*) over() as total_rows from ( /* your select statement goes here */ ) a ) b where b.rnum >= :start_row and b.rnum <= :end_row

I get a very sluggish screen and I guess the performance gets a hit because the inner most query returns all 15000 records and the outer queries filter them to 100.
Now is there any way to form a query which returns 100 rows in the first place itself?

Any help would be truly appreciated.

Am getting the same error.

Any resolution?
9 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:You CANNOT use Request scope, because the cursor information is saved in the DataModel, and the request-scope DataModel is destroyed at the end of each Request, .....

Thanks a lot Tim for the very much detailed explanation. I do understand now why the task seemed to be daunting..
9 years ago
Howdy Rangers,

I am in running into troubled waters due to a functionality. Issue tickets are shown to user through a h:datatable tag. The user should be able to view details of the ticket when he clicks on any of the entry in the issue ID column of the datatable.

To implement my functionality, I split it up into three tasks.
FIRST, get the value of the issue ID the user clicked on.
SECOND, run a method to collect the details of the issue id from the service method.
THIRD, goto a page where issue details are displayed through a transfer object.

Now, I am failing to get the first one itself. Even though I was able to get a hint to keep the managed bean in session scope, I do not want to use this as this will stale the user's screen. I tried moving the list alone which populates datatable to a session scope, but I could not do the talking between to and froth with the managed bean for query string and list.

And am insanely confused on how to do step II and step III in one go..!!

By the way, Am using data transfer object as my design pattern.

Truly appreciate your concern.
9 years ago