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Recent posts by sanz nsgha

Hi Mohan,
What kind of sterotypes did you use in your class diagram?
Thank you all ...
Question to Nishant and others ...
Are you putting stereotypes like <<StatelesSessionBean>> <<EntityBean>> <<ValueObject>> in your class diagram?
The reason I am asking is: as soon as you indicate some object is of type VO, it wont have operation and logic in it and that will change the Class diagram.
Any ideas on:
1. Is there 1 assumption file, or there should be separate assumption for each diagram.
2. Any examples for assumptions (not necessarily real assigment ones)
3. Does each diagram need explanation on how we came up with this design?
No offence but your comments are an example why this forum is so dead and so many questions without answers ...
If you check the subject of the discussion, you will note that we are talking about requirements. We have an assigment but there is nobody we can talk to to confirm the requirements or questions we have. I don't know about you but as a developer and architect, we constantly discuss with business analysts or end-user to clear such questions. Only then a good solution comes up.
In that case can we assume, a Segment object will have the following attributes:
Also where will the info regarding the Seat chosen by the customer be stored? Will it be in Itinerary or Segment?
I would like to think that your explanation is right : 1 flight has 2 segments.
But ... if this is the case, why is it that Segment is on a higher level than Flight in the Domain Model? Segment and Flight have one to one relationship in given Model i.e. a Segment has a Flight and a Flight has a Segment?
What actually is the CONTENT of Segment object? In terms of persistence layer, what do you persist for Segment? (For eg. a Flight has the following info to be persisted Flight #, to city, from city, date, time etc)
Also take a look at this:
Let me know your what you think.
Can anybody tell the different between Segment and Flight?
Congratulations! Can you elaborate a little on your your class diagram?
16 years ago
I also think that not using EntityBeans is a design choice rather than what is at the backend. Implementing DAO pattern means datasource can be anything. No matter what the datasource, we could still use EntityBeans between the SessionBean and DAO layers. So we assume making DAO calls from SessionBeans is preferred for the Part II solution? Also, isn't BusinessDelegate preferred in between SessionBean and Servlet?
For the front end, Cade use BrowseCatalogForm (<<JSP>> and CatalogController(<<servlet>>
Is he using Struts? If so, shouldn't the diagram be:
browsecatalog.jsp <<JSP>> -> BrowseCatalogForm <<ActionForm>> -> BrowseCatalogAction <<ActionServlet>>
Which is a better design? 1 - 1 relationship between ActionForm and ActionServlet or Many - 1? Looks like Cade prefers Many - 1?
Those who have started to work on Part II and interested in sharing experiences, please write here.
so paul, what's the final answer for this? what are the valid attributes for <taglib>?
can somebody give me samples of absolute and relative URLs for getRequestDispatcher (for both ServletContext and Request) method? thanks
great work ! is there a printable version or pdf available?