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Recent posts by sarah sturgeon

Thanks Jean and Fred for detailed reply. I finally got it and I really appreciate your help and patience.
9 years ago

Thanks Fred.

Ok i understand the relationship between objects and its class.
However , i am not cleared how to create objects from a class.

The above link illustrates how the objects are created from a class

Following the above link, can i create two objects car1 and car2 from class Car as shown below

Car car1 = new Car ( );
Car car2= new Car ( ) ;

is this correct understanding ?

Second thing How do i import user-created class in my source file if not defined in it ?

Thanks for all your help.
9 years ago
Thanks Fred

One class extends to only one class

So if we have by-cycle as a class, mountain by-cycle class extends to by-cycle class, we can not create a class mountain cycle 1 and extends it to mountain by-cycle class because it will extending mountain by-cycle 1 class to two classes: mountain by-cycle and cycle

Is my understanding correct ?

9 years ago
Thanks for your replies guys.

I appreciate your help , as for the trying out my scenario, I have no idea how to try it out as to day is my third day learning Java.


" Note that when people/books/web articles refer to a class having one super-class...they mean one DIRECT superclass"class "

"MyClass extends ClassA, ClassB, ClassC"

"thus MyClass has three direct super-classes".

Sorry Fred I am lost here If there can be only one direct super class , how come MyClass has three direct super classes ?

My second question When you use the word extend what does it mean here ?

Is it possible to create a subclass out of another subclass?
in my example, I created one class mountain by-cycle 1 from subclass mountain by-cycle which has by-cycle as super class. In this scenario, will both by-cycle and mountain by-cycle be considered super class for mountain by-cycle1 class ?

sorry for being repetitive , I am just trying to understand.


9 years ago
Hi every body.

I have few questions


Let say we created a class named Car in our source file.

In the same source file I want to create two objects car1,car2, based on class Car( that is i want to create two instances of class Car)

Can i create these objects as shown below:

Car car1 = new Car();
Car car2= new Car ( );

My second question is let say i am writing a different java program in a separate source file. I feel the need two create two objects car3 and car4 based on class Car.

1) In order to create these objects car3 and car4 in my program , the class Car must be imported in my source file . is it correct?
If correct, how do we do that ? I know for classes in API, we use import command.

I apologize for the long-winded post

Thanks and have a great day
9 years ago
Hi everybody

How is everyone doing ?

I was reading about inheritance with regard to classes. One of the link says a super class can have infinite number of subclasses but all all subclasses will have only one super class.

Let say we a by- cycle as a super class. Let assume mountain bike is one of the subclass of super class by-cycle.

Is it possible to create one class mountain by-cycle with mountain bike as super class ( keeping in mind class mountain by-cycle is already a subclass of super class by-cyle)?

Simply put is it possible to create a subclass from a class which is already a subclass of super class ?

If yes, then what would be considered super class for the subclass mountain by-cycle1 ? will it be Mountain by-cycle or by-cycle?

thanks and have a great day.
9 years ago
Thanks Jesper.

Could you please clarify the following:

Is Java ME subset of java se?

Is Java Se is the subset of java EE ?
9 years ago
Hi everybody

I want to calculate e^3 using Math.pow

I understand that I can do the following :

Math.pow (2.718,3) where 2.718 is the value of " e"

Is there anyway i can use " e" rather than its value for better accuracy e.g Math.pow( e,3) ?

Thanks and have a great a weekend.
9 years ago
HI everybody.

I understand there are different platforms for java ( Java se,java me, java EE),

What does make these platform differ from each other besides their usage for specific application ( e.g JavaEE is used to build enterprise-level application, Java ME is used to build application for small mobile devices)?

I am just going to guess as i am not sure is it API ?
9 years ago
Hi every body

I hope everyone is doing great. Please consider the following

Int a= 11,
String b= " Joe";
String c=" Ashley dr";

The goal is to pass these variables as parameters to " System.out.println command " so that we can display on screen the output: 11 Joe Ashley dr

How can i pass these variables as parameters ?

I tried:

System.out.println ( a, " ", b, " ", c);

But compiler kept giving error.

I hope someone could help with this.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

9 years ago