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You need to download the source jar (for example, here), then attach that to the javax.servlet.jar file in your build path, as others have mentioned. If this doesn't work, then you need to explain the symptoms rather than just say it doesn't work.
Datatype INT or INTEGER doesn't take a parameter. Different numeric types can hold numeric values between certain ranges. For INTEGER, it is -2147483648 to 2147483647. If you actually want to store the numeric characters, then use one of the character types, not numeric types. However, given the names of your columns, phoneno and pincode, I would guess that you really need to use character data, anyway, as they won't be used as integers.

Vivek Bhardwaj wrote:

Mansukhdeep Thind wrote:Which Eclipse release are you using?

i am using MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench

Version: 8.0M1

I'm glad Dharmendra was able to help you out and get you going. Out of interest, why are you using such an old release of MyEclipse? The latest release is 11 (renamed to "2013") and there have been many intermediate releases too. All license holders can install any release of MyEclipse, which is already extremely good value, so I'm confused why any user would stick with such an old release.
I haven't used remote debugging but, as Tomcat is actually running the code on the remote system, it will not be treating it as a Windows file. The debug client being on a Windows system will not affect that. It might affect the display of file paths, though. If the filePath parameter has forward slashes, then it will still have forward slashes when the "new File(filePath)" statement is executed, since it is just a String, with no file path behaviour. If you're viewing the "file" variable, then the local system may be displaying the file with Windows path separators. This suggests that the file does not exist, at least at the implied path. Maybe it isn't looking for the file in quite the location you expect?

8 years ago
5.5 is a very old release of MyEclipse. You might be better off upgrading to 10.1, the latest release. Your license allows you to install every release and update, whilst your license is valid.

The latest release has a Java 6 JDK included, and supports a much more up-to-date set of technologies, so that might be a good option for you.
Check that the deployment is actually being done when you run as MyEclipse Server Application or when deploying. You can browse the deployment location from the deployment manager or from the servers view, by right clicking on the deployment. Some changes require the server to be running in debug mode to be picked up automatically but I don't think this is your situation.

Post on the MyEclipse forums ( for better support.
Good advice from Peter, there. I'd also add that it looks like you want to create a Web Project. I guess you could add web functionality to a Java project (through right-click on project, Properties->MyEclipse->Project Facets, select Dynamic Web Module), but creating the Web Project new and importing the source is certainly the least error prone.
I'm using MyEclipse 10 and see that there is an XSL wizard and an XSL editor. It's a standard eclipse feature, rather than a MyEclipse feature. So you can download the latest MyEclipse (your subscription allows you to download and use any release whilst your subscription is valid) or you can use the latest eclipse distribution.
Not sure why you're trying to install m2eclipse, as m2eclipse functionality is already integrated into MyEclipse. Installation may conflict with what is already there.

You said you could open a few websites but did you try the website that contains the JiBX plugin? You'll probably get some kind of error in a browser (like 404) but it should at least indicate that you've connected to the site.

So you left the defaults when you installed glassfish? In that case, I'd expect a server name of "instance" (or "instance1", I can't quite remember). Does the C:\Program Files\glassfish-3.1.1\glassfish\domains\domain1\config folder have a subfolder of "server-config"?

Where did you get the Telnet and Felix server configuration parameters from, as they don't appear in my MyEclipse server connector preferences for glassfish?

Actually, the Home DIrectory looks wrong. Try going to the glassfish server connector preferences and changing that to C:\Program Files\glassfish-3.1.1\glassfish instead
9 years ago
I don't think the mixed slashes are a problem. Java usually sorts that out.

Which version of MyEclipse are you using? All those telnet and felix parameters are unfamiliar to me.

When I installed glassfish it wanted to default the server name to "instance1". Did you change the default to "server"?
9 years ago
It's not drag and drop. Click on the control you want (label, text box, and so on) and release the mouse button. Then position the mouse pointer on the form where you want the control to be. Now click the mouse again, place.

Think of it as loading the mouse pointer with the control you want and then dropping it on the form.