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Vijaykumar Dixit wrote:

Vijaykumar Dixit wrote:

Alessandro Gentile wrote:Hi Samuel,
My assumption is that a MonthlyUsage is an aggregation of consumption events (data, minutes, texts). This assumption is not based on any technology, it's just common sense.

I have made the same assumption and slightly updated physical domain model. I will let you know if I pass ;)

Folks I passed in Oct2011 with WPC. I did make subtle changes to domain model but made appropriate assumptions and documented them as well as the changes. Don't worry this is what an architect faces in reality.

Just to agree with this, I also made a couple of minor (documented) changes as I didn't think it entirely made sense either, and passed with a relatively high mark. So don't be scared to modify things slightly to make them into a workable solution.
To be fair it might still be worth doing everything except the training course, you can just write on your CV 'passed all 3 exams for SCEA'. Just don't mention that you are/aren't technically certified. Any employer aware of the certification should realise that not doing the course has no detriment to your skills whatsoever.
I submitted my assignment on the 20th of December (ie earlier this week) and did the essay on the 22nd, I've just logged onto pearson vue to check the status and on the pdf score report for the assignment is showing as a pass with a mark over 114 (but not 160). Given the number of issues people are reporting with marking timescales (I personally know somebody who only recently got their results after 3 months), I struggle to believe it has been marked this quickly (and just before Christmas!). Are there any nuances with the web site that anyone else is aware of?

It also says 'Congratulations, you have achieved the certification....' etc even though I understood I was supposed to attend one of their approved courses which I haven't done.

Anyone any ideas?
Cool thanks - I've already specified the protocols, just wasn't clear from the information I've read whether you have to give hardware for everything or just the j2ee/database parts. At least thats one less thing to worry about!

Just wondering if anybody knows how much detail you are supposed to include on the deployment diagram for the non-J2EE systems that form part of the solution.

So for example you might have an LDAP server for authentication or a mail server for sending emails, is it enough to just make a box with 'LDAP server' or 'Mail Server' on it, or do you need to specify vendor and hardward configuration?

I'm a bit confused about the 'Meter' Object, why is this in the domain model? Isn't the meter just a service? What sort of information would you want to store in a meter object?
Ok I've fixed it, I'll post up what I did in case it saves somebody else the headache I've had trying to get this to work

I think there was two things I did wrong, first I think I was supposed to set 'unitName' on the persistence context, not 'name':

Secondly I packaged the application wrong, I had an ear file, with a WAR, an EJB JAR, a plain JAR and a persistence unit JAR, all in the root. I changed it so that only the WAR and EJB JAR were in the root, and the plain JAR and persistence unit JAR were in the lib subdirectory of the EAR.
Hi, I'm trying to set up my first JPA app, and while I'm able to get it to work outside a J2EE container, or within a J2EE container using the following code:

I'm unable to get it to work using the @PersistenceContext annotation. My understanding was that the two below things would both successfully load the EntityManager in the same 'em' reference:



But when I run option 2, I get this error:

I'm sure there's something dumb I'm missing, but if anyone could tell me what it is, I'd be grateful

ps. I am using JBoss 6 and MySQL, if that is relevant.