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Recent posts by Joseph Hammerman

The hot links on the site are related to purchasing real exam questions. In my opinion the value of a certification where real exam questions cannot be purchased is higher rather than lower.
I concentrate on obscure advanced certifications in my area of expertise, partly because they are obviously authentic.
19 years ago
They are further down in this forum
Automata theory is pretty mathematical and out of touch with reality. If you are going to take theoretical computer science algorithms and complexity will be more useful, in an indirect sort of way.
20 years ago
In the US, Bachelors degrees do not require the same degree of concentration on one subject as in most other countries.
Top US universities are well regarded internationally in technology. However, there are also very weak US schools that give easy degrees.
I have seen catalogues for CS and related programs at British universities, and the programs seem more rigorous and practical than US programs.
Computer science programs everywhere suffer from the problem that academia is removed from reality. The people teaching computer science often do not have strong academic background or experience in that area.
20 years ago
The answer to question 3 is that you cannot have memory leaks like in C/C++. However, if you code so that the garbage collector thinks that memory is still being used, you can tie up a lot of memory.
There are a lot of answers to question 2, as the previous posts show. It should be pretty easy to come up with some kind of answer to it at an interview.
If you weren't able to answer questions 2 and 3, you probably didn't get the job.
None of these three questions are particularly difficult. I think they are good questions. The answers should give an idea of the persons level and how he/she approaches a problem.
20 years ago
Writing code implementing a binary tree is not hard if you have a few hours to do it, but it is not easy to come up with in a few minutes at a job interview. Some people like to ask difficult questions. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
20 years ago
That is fine. If you send me the model, I can write the initial HTML, or you can send me the HTML, and I will send you updates.
I got the following message as a response to my revision of the XML Certification FAQ:
<<<<<<<<<<<<<br /> Mapraputa Is <br /> sheriff <br /> Member # 2505 <br /> posted April 24, 2002 10:41 PM <br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Joseph, I tried to make a link to your FAQ, but you keep on moving the target <br /> If we apply JavaRanch Look&Feel and store it on our site, so it will look like this, will you object? Of course, each Q&A will begin with your name <br /> What do you think? <br /> >>>>>>>>>>>>
I replied that I wanted to make occasional revisions to the FAQ, and that was why the target is changing.
The matter was dropped at that point.
If Mapraputa wants to create an HTML version, I could midify the HTML when I have changes to make if I have access to the document.
Also, the text version of the FAQ is currently listed in the links at the top of the XML Certification forum. If we are going to retain a text version, I think there should be some procedure whereby I can change the link when I revise the FAQ, or notify someone to change the link.
You might consider the beginners' books in my FAQ. The FAQ should also lead you to online tutorials.
My FAQ and other sources on this site give an unofficial list of chapters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 ,24 ,27.
The questions on the exam appear to be to a certain extent taken from the IBM-recommended books. However, the answers to all questions on the exam cannot be found in the recommended books. There are no books specifically designed for XML exam preparation, so it is a good idea to use multiple sources.
Personnel or someone who doesn't understand the resumes is screening resumes to reduce a big pile of them. I was turned down for one, because I didn't have recent C. C was just one of several requirements for the job. I have 7 years experience in C, but have been using newer languages more recently.
20 years ago
I would only give notice once I have accepted a writen offer at another firm. That is the customary and prudent thing to do.
I once told my manager that I was taking the afternoon off because I had a job interview. Obviously, this was intended to send a strong message.
20 years ago
When I said the job market when unrealistically hot and now is unrealistically cold, I meant the general market, not the Java market. Companies invested heavily in their computer operations, particularly web development. They realized they overdid it, and have now cut back.
I don't think the demand for Java is that weak now. The demand for everything is weak now. Java, C++, and maybe VB are still the main languages. At very least, Java is valuable to know.
20 years ago
Companies have cut way back on new projects now. Therefore, there is relatively more demand for older skills. That is one reason C++ is now hotter than Java.
The job market and market for purchasing new hardware and software was unrealistically hot 2 or three years ago, and it is now unrealistically cold. In the long term, I do not expect COBOL and RPG to be the most in demand areas.
20 years ago
Right now, the job market is very bad, and it is difficult to find a position no matter what your qualifications. It sounds like your qualifications are reasonable to get into the field in a better market, but it doesn't hurt to enhance them. You will probably get more career enhancement and professional development for your effort through further certifications than further degrees, but htat question has been debated.
20 years ago