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In that case, I have included the referenced sequence diagram in another sequence diagram using ref in sequence diagrams. You can do that. You can make daigram 1 and use it it wherever its required in another sequence diagram.
Yes, I think was my advise. You are architecting a solution, you should be the master of it.
if "in-house pricing system" is within the same company/organization then it can be within the network, but it could be on different server. It is not necessary that JMS application is within the same app server. You can put your findings/assumptions in your notes/assumptions section.
if you have more knowledge about multi tier architectures, NFR's, and other skills required for part 1, you can just keep practicing mock-up exams, then you should be fine. SCEA study guide (Cade) is not enough. Also search web for more questions.
just my 2 cents...

Do i need to show the external systems in the class diagram ?? or is it okay to add comment the class diagram ???
There is no need to show external systems in the class diagram, I think its better to show it in comments.

how to show these systems in the deployment diagram
Since its external system and you are not deploying in your servers, I think there is no need to show external system in deployment diagram.

Guys, there is a catch though....Part 2 & 3 has to be completed within 6 months of assignment download, which was not mentioned in Oracle website.
We need to do the essay to our assignment be graded, correct? Yes
So if i fail at the assignment i need to resubmit assignment and do the essay again too? Yes and No, resbmit the assignment and no need to take essay again
Yes, you can use cade style component diagram.
Yes, I have used JEE 6 features like CDI, JAX-RS in my solution.
Yes, you need to document them clearly. See replies above.
2. You don't need to show the JSP's in the class diagram , they are optional
3. Calling Different DAO's from single Manager is fine, but again it depends on the design solution