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Recent posts by Savas Aydin

I took the essay exam yesterday. When i checked my certview account today, i saw the OCMJD logo. Is it possible to evaluate the assignment in 1 day?
8 years ago
Hi, log into via an usual oracle account. On first login, it asks for a Pearson VUE testing ID and some other information like your name and city you live. If Pearson VUE created a duplicate account for you, you wouldn't see your certification history. In order to merge your accounts, you need to send an e-mail to pearson vue.

Calin Jebelean wrote:
graded??? Can it be just a misuse of terms or maybe something changed with the registration policy for the essay? I really need to register for the essay this week to avoid that expensive course.

I uploaded my assignment last saturday and i could schedule my essay exam just after it. You don't have to wait for grading.
You need to upload your assignment first. In Pearson Vue; Click "Schedule a Test", then click "Master Assignments" link and select one of the following codes to upload your assignment.

Java SE6 Developer Master Assignments
1Z0-855 Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Assignment: Purchase this assignment if this is your first attempt at the Java SE6 Developer Certified Master Assignment.
1Z0-857 Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master Assignment Resubmission: Purchase this assignment if you did not pass the Java SE6 Developer Certified Master Assignment you purchased from Pearson VUE.
1Z0-844 TRANSITION (VOUCHER ONLY) Java SE6 Developer Certified Master: Obtain a voucher from and purchase this assignment if you purchased your Java SE6 Developer Certified Master Assignment prior to June 1, 2011 and need to submit it to Oracle through Pearson VUE.
1Z0-842 TRANSITION ASSIGNMENT Java SE6 Developer Certified Master: Obtain a voucher from and purchase this assignment if you did not pass the Java SE6 Developer Certified Master Assignment you purchased prior to June 1, 2011 and need to resubmit now through Pearson VUE.

Roel De Nijs wrote:
So what are you experiencing if you run the code as-is (with the thread.join();) which makes you (or your code) unhappy?

When join() is used, following code will suspend until current thread finishes. Thus, there will only be one single thread running at a time. But i want to test double booking is denied.

Thanks for your suggestion. However, it is not reproducable when i use a profiler. I think it is not a memory leak issue. My code creates too much garbage object that slows down the code that calls Data medhods because of trimming. Therefore, the unit test can create new threads faster that it finalize them. This way, thread number exceeds the maximum.
I just wanted to ensure bookRoom works correctly on multi-client environment. Without removing it, there is only one thread accessing to database at a time. I used Roberto's Unit Test Case too.

When i used Reberto's unit test, I needed to slow down the thread that creates other threads. Otherwise, I am getting OutOfMemoryError when i increase the counter to 2000. Do you think this is a memory leak. I just have record and lock Maps that can consume memory. Do you have any guess about what can be the leak?

Hi Roel,

What is the purpose of "thread.join();" call. In order to test locking mechanism, I needed to remove it.


Roel De Nijs wrote:I also have a common panel for the configuration settings, combined with disabling buttons using a FocusListener.

So I re-ran my application and I'm experiencing the same behavior: when user enters the path to the database file location manually the Connect button is not disabled. When the user clicks the button, an error message is shown and the button is disabled.

Hi Roel, How did you solve the following issue (for standalone client)?

1) After user enters an invalid file, the application shows a error dialog and disable connect button (I am assuming you don't enable it unless valid config entered).
2) User enters a valid database path using keyboard (without using file chooser)
3) I guess connect button will not be enabled unless user press TAB (or any action that will cause focus loss)

I dediced not to use MCV and Observer for the assighment because application is very simple to apply these patters. Observer would decrease the coupling between components but I think ConfigOptions isn't complex enough to see advantage of Observer pattern. I just used the common config panel and i handled form validation like Roberto described in OCMJD Paper.

Thanks for your help,
Hi All,

I want to implement a common configuration panel in my GUI like described in Andrew's book. I will disable action buttons if configuration is not valid. But I have a problem related to focus listener. Action buttons aren't enabled in some cases. For instance, in standalone mode, connect button is left disabled after user enters a valid database path from keyboard because focus lost event isn't thrown (user didn't clicked outside of database location text field). There is no problem when user clicks Browse button and selects file with file chooser. Do you think this is acceptable?

Thanks in advance for your help.
You can also use assertion.